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How to Archive Outlook 365 Emails to Hard Drive? Read This!

Are you running out of space in Outlook 365 and searching for a solution to archive Outlook 365 emails to free up space. Well, today’s blog will discuss the strategies to archive your emails in Office 365 to free up space. So, let’s get straight to the solution section without further delay.

Why is it Necessary to Archive Outlook 365 Emails?

When we talk about business or personal communication, email platforms are the most extensively utilized channels. As a result, we all have confidential and crucial data stored somewhere in the cloud.

Therefore, when the information is fundamental, it must be archived from time to time. So, keeping this in mind, we will assist both professional and non-technical users to backup Outlook 365 emails.

We have compiled the list of all methods to accomplish your destination without any hurdles. So, keep continuing with the post.

How Do I Free up Space in Outlook 365? Get Rid Of Such Queries Using Automated Solution

The Corbett Office 365 Email Backup Tool is a magical solution that allows users to backup O365 emails with all data attributes. The software lets users instantly archive their data files in over 20 formats. The best part of the toolkit is that it has an separate option to archive office 365 emails with Email Addresses, Contact Photos, Email Attachments, and Phone Numbers.

Moreover, there is a quick search option available that let users to make a deep search on the basis of keywords, phrases, etc. It’s recommended to visit the mentioned link and download the software for free. Once you successfully install the utility, continue with the mentioned steps for good.

Working Procedure to Archive Office 365 Emails?

1. Run the software and click on the “Open” button.

2. Click on the Add Email Account and enter Outlook 365 credentials from the list.

Add Webmail Account

3. The software will scan your profile and display all the data in the software panel.

4. Next, click on the Export button and select the appropriate option as per the requirement.

5. Apply the data filters in the list and click on the Save button to archive Outlook 365 Emails.

That’s all about the automated solution to archive Outlook 365 emails. If you have any software-related issues, our technical support team is here to help you 24/7. If you tried to perform these steps manually, then let me warn you here. You might end up with nothing.

Users Opinion on – How Do I Free up Space in Outlook 365?

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There are multiple views available on the web. Also, Office 365 gives its users storage of 100GB. Once it gets filled, users have to pay an additional amount. So, it’s better to store your email data on a local computer with proper security without paying any extra for storage. In addition, with the help of Email Backup Wizard, you can backup your data in more than 100 web applications.

So There You Have It

We have given you the entire solution to Archive Outlook 365 emails. One can easily backup their data files to several formats using the manual key. Also, a demo edition of the toolkit is available that lets users check the software’s functionality for good.

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