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How to Add Instagram to Your Website (The Easy Way)

How to Add Instagram to Your Website (The Easy Way)

Add Instagram feed on website  – Businesses and companies are always looking for platforms to sell their products and services. The emergence of social media platforms without a doubt substantially changed the scenario.

Instagram has conquered all other social media platforms as a place to share images. Social media consumers have a significant preference for visual content. According to studies, pictures may communicate a brand’s story up to ten times more effectively than words.

Emerging companies and labels have begun incorporating Instagram into their marketing strategies in order to make the most of these realities. You will be surprised to learn about the most recent trend that businesses are implementing to progress  if you decide to read till the end.

If you’re wondering, smart businesses and marketers can easily finish the embedding procedure in a few easy steps and clicks!

By following the guidelines we’ll give in this post, you can easily add Instagram feeds on website.

You will also be aware of the easiest steps you may take to complete the procedure effectively.

The Most Convenient Way To Include Instagram Feed On Your Website

Pick an aggregator for Instagram

Before we cover the embed process, you should be aware that there are a variety of online tools you may use to quickly acquire Instagram feeds. All that is necessary is using the appropriate tool for the job.

You may gather and embed Instagram widgets on the website of your choosing with the help of a few tools you will go through as you read on.

Aggregate Instagram feeds

When you select a tool as the best option for embedding, you must log in to that tool. When you reach the dashboard section, you will be equipped to embed the content. You need to simply select the Add Feeds option.

A menu will appear where you can select the connection type or the source from which you wish to aggregate the feeds. There are many options accessible, including usernames, profiles, and hashtags. After selecting Create feed, the Instagram feeds can be viewed shortly after.

Update and personalize the Instagram feed 

The feed must be enhanced for impact and effectiveness before the Instagram widget is published online. A variety of customization options to improve the widget’s appearance are available depending on the tool you use.

You may also monitor and manage the content using the moderation panel to maintain the greatest content quality.

Incorporate the widget into your website

As soon as you are satisfied with the way your Instagram widget looks, you will be ready to add the material. After pressing the Publish button, the widget’s width and height must be adjusted. You must next create the code for the Instagram embed widget by selecting Get Code from the menu.

The Instagram widget may be embedded by going to the website you wish to use it on and inserting the embed code there. Save the modifications to finish the procedure.

Easily Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website With The Most Responsive Tools


Taggbox Widget 

The popular Taggbox widget is a social media aggregation tool that makes it simple for users to aggregate and include content from social networking websites like Instagram. The combination of content from a user’s preferred source just requires a few clicks.

The Instagram widget’s design can also be improved by users by modifying the tool in a variety of ways. Users have access to themes, fonts, colours, and a variety of other stylistic choices. Users may also have more control over the content by using the profanity filter. Additional features include a solid back support crew and in-depth analytics.


Another useful tool for gathering and incorporating Instagram feeds on a website is Flockler, which aggregates social media content. Users can assemble content by picking their preferred source, such as specific hashtags, mentions, etc.

In order to enhance the Instagram widget’s appearance, the tool  allows users to select their preferred layout. Utilizing Flockler, people can update content before it goes live on the website. The product is easy to install and integrate overall, which improves user responsiveness.

Final Conclusion 

When incorporated into a website, Instagram feeds widget function remarkably well to improve interaction, generate social proof for the company, extend visitors’ dwell time, and ultimately increase sales and conversions.

Now that you are aware of the advantages, brands who have not yet included Instagram in their marketing strategies should start off immediately to enjoy all the benefits that come along with the strategy and much more.


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