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How the Porch Swing can be Easily Installed

Are you planning to install the porch swing at your house? The installation of a swing is a great idea to go for and can be installed with some easy steps. Describing the tools and materials of the process, it includes porch swing kit and hardware kit including chain, rope, or drill. 

The steps may include measurement of space, checking the weight limit of beams, installation of ceiling swing set clips, hanging rope or chain, and hanging swing.

Why porch swing? 

How cool is it to enjoy your morning coffee, have a sunset view and view the neighbors by sitting on the front porch in your outdoor area? So relaxing, isn’t it? Go for installing the swing on your porch adds up a romantic and warm look to the front area of your house. Bring some creativity and invest enough with the unique style which catches the attention of every guest from the front door.

You can also go for a prefabricated kit which makes the installation of the porch swing easy for you in less time. Here is the list of materials given that are required to install a porch swing in your indoors.

  • Measurement 

First thing first – measurement is an important step. It is required that you have some specific space on the porch if you want to have a swing at that place. The front and behind of 3-4 feet are related to the swing for its proper back and forth shaking. Also, give yourself 2 feet on either swing side to take a walk if required. 

The weight of porch swings is quite heavy. Also, consider the weight of the seated person and you need to ensure that the porch can handle the weight efficiently. Keep a check on beams and joists. If you find the porch ceiling partial, it is an easy job. But if it is not, you have to remove the ceiling and check out what kind of beams you have. Some beams support the load while others with different dimensions can work as well.

In the case of small or thin beams, there will be a need for extra reinforcing support. Never do the mistake of installing the swing’s support in plywood or bead board as they are not that strong to support both the swing hangers and seated person.

The next thing is to analyze the way you are going to face the swing. Facing it forward is the most common face swing which means towards the front yard. You can build up some more privacy if you choose the side position. In the case of the wide porch, always try to go for a sideways facing swing so that you can also get a comfortable space with extra seating. 

  • Hardware 

If you are planning to use a porch swing kit, make sure that all the hardware is included in the process. Either you have created your porch swing or did a transformation of a day bed or furniture into a swing, purchasing the hardware is recommended. Search for the porch swing hardware which includes everything required by the person. 

Use metal chains or rope to sling your swing. In the case of rope, braid it with nylon or polyester. Use 2 or 4 hooks to hang the swing in which one part hangs from the hook, and the chain splitting for connecting both the front and back end of the swing. Use four swing set hooks and 4 different chains to provide support to swings, but there will be a need for the drilling of 4 holes. The fastener is your choice and the other stuff like a base, hook, and comfort spring which is particularly made for porch swings.

  • Swing 

The great thing about a porch swing is that you can easily reuse an old furniture piece in your swing. This will be easy for you if you buy a new one instead. The requirements are a single chair or a bench. If you go for the bench, make sure that the swing is set to be 2 feet wide per person. 

The comfort position is a 4-foot bench for two adults. Talking about the installation, you need to hang the swing. The ceiling swing hooks need to be installed 2-4 inches wider than the complete swing’s width. This will help in distributing the weight of adults and also avoid the chains rubbing against the swing.

The pilot holes should be smaller than the eye bolts. The next step is to screw the eye bolts into the center of the ceiling joists. Keep the swing to be at least 17 inches above the porch floor so that the feet can be comfortably rested in the seating position. After the installation, the chain or rope can be attached to the swing.

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