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How School Management System good for schools

The pandemic forced every school to shut down globally. All the school operations are carried out online. From the admission process to examination to admission management, everything started online. Those schools that adopted school management software for managing administrative work didn’t face any problem.

So the question is what is actually school management software? And how does this software help out schools in the situation of pandemics?

The school management system is used by educational institutes to manage students’ records online. The aim of designing this software is to simplify schools’ day-to-day activities. This software allows us to manage the admission process, timetable management, fees management, library management and many more in the row.

If we discuss school ERP software in brief, then we will come to know about this school software. And how schools are able to manage all the administrative activities from a single platform.

How School Management System helps School

In the COVID situation, the school ERP software comes out as a boon to the education system. It allows schools to manage student records, conduct online exams, fee collection, faculty management and many more. With the help of school software efficiency and effectiveness of schools will increase.

1. Boost School Performance

This school software allows schools to manage students records and keep track of students’ performance. Teachers can generate students’ report cards with a single click.

2. Save Cost

This school ERP software is cost-effective. Instead of spending money on various different software, you are required to invest only in single web-based software. This software also reduced the cost of managing records physically.

3. Easily Accessible Data

Full functional access to data couldn’t be accomplished with many disconnected systems. As data may be shared among the organizations, departments can procure an aggregate data set with all the data using an end-to-end solution.

4. Better Communication

The primary goal of this school software is to fill the communication gap between teachers and parents. This software quickly shares the notification to the parents regarding fee due, examination, student report card, parents-teacher meeting, and upcoming events.

5. Time-Saving

One of the most important benefits schools receive from the school management system is time-saving. This school software allows attendance management that saves teachers so much valuable time. So teachers can spend this saved time in delivering quality education to the students.

6. Data Security

Security of data is always the area of concern of the school administration. So schools need not worry regarding their school’s personal data. This school management software protects the personal data of its staff members and students from unauthorized access.

Key Features of School Management System

1. Cost and Energy Saving

Since all the school administrative activities are online. Schools need not print documents and manage them physically. This saves a lot of energy for the teachers and money of the school.

2. Cloud Facilitation

This cloud facilitation in the school ERP system allows schools to easily store data and manage everything. The teacher can manage everything from attendance, study kits and assessments to performance records of the student. All the school administrative records are only just one click away from the teacher.

3. Customizable Modules

The requirements of all the schools are always different. It is not necessary that all the schools want an attendance widget. Others may need a student evaluation widget. Customizing the widgets is one of the best parts of the school management system. Schools can customize plugins according to their requirements.

4. Data Backup and Security

The data of the school is stored on the cloud facility of this software. So concern about the loss and theft of data is obvious for the school administration. The software for school makes sure that all the data stored in it is fully secure.

5. Multi-User Functionality

Sometimes student documents are passed from department to department. This software allows multi-user facilities. In it, multiple teachers can work on the same document at the same time.

6. Easy User Interface

User interface of this school software is extremally simple any one can make use of the software. Its navigation is extremely easy.

7. Easy to Use and Learn

This software comes with a user guide. With the help of that guide, users can easily learn how to use that software.

8. Easy Implementation

Many schools avoid using software because they think implementing such type of software in school will take time. But the best part with this particular software is that this software will take very little time in implementing on an initial basis.

9. SMS and Email Integration

This is the amazing feature of school management software. This feature enables the sending of notifications to the parents regarding upcoming events happening in the school.

10. Live Support

Live support is also available with this software. With this live support facility all your queries will get resolved as soon as possible and your work will not be hindered.

11. Free Demo

You will not buy this software before knowing the actual benefits you receive from this software. This school software also comes with a free demo. This free demo will help you in making decisions.

12. Web-Based

This pandemic forced everyone to work from home. The school software is completely web-based. Everyone can access this software easily from their home.

13. Works Across Platforms

This software works on all types of devices easily. Be it desktop or mobile. Schools and students can access this software on any device according to their comfort.

14. Role-Based Access

This software allows schools to assign the role according to their requirements. They can decide who can edit the system. With this security of the system increases.

Best School Management System for Educational Institutions

The aim of designing such a kind of software is to empower teachers and educate students in their homes. With this school management software, the study of students and the work of the school will not get affected.

School software helps students in performing the better way. In this software, schools can integrate audio, video, and multimedia integrated plans. Also, teachers can deliver lessons quickly and in an effective manner. If any topic of student gets missed then they can go through with the video lecture anytime as and when needed.

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