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How Much Slower Is A Mountain Bike?

You will be shocked when you know that how much slower is a mountain bike than a regular bike. The first question that may come to your mind is, why is it so? Well, the answer is simple that the mountain bikes are designed for off-road use only. But there are many other reasons that make mountain bike different from regular bikes.

1. It has more gears A regular bike has just 2 gears whereas a mountain bike has 6 gears. This is why it is very easy for the mountain bikes to climb hills. If you are having a road bike then you can’t even think about climbing a hill.

2. It is more durable Mountain bikes have the ability to resist harsh weather conditions, so they are more durable than the regular bikes.

3. It is lighter The mountain bikes are lighter than the normal bikes because they have fewer components. If you are having a regular bike then it will weigh more than a mountain bike.

Are Mountain Bike Tires Slower?

Yes, mountain bike tires are slower than road bike tires. Mountain bike tires are made to offer the best traction and control on dirt roads, but it is not as easy as the roads. So, if you want to ride a trail then it is better to use the road bike tires. If you want to enjoy the trails during winter then you need to use mountain bike tires.

Why Your Mountain Bike Is Slow

Why is my mountain bike so slow? That is one of the most common questions asked by every mountain biker. There are many reasons for the slow speed of your bike, let’s check out the most common ones.

If Your Bike Is Not Powerful Enough

You are riding a mountain bike, so the first thing that comes into your mind is that your bike should be able to carry more weight. If your bike is not strong enough to handle the load, then you need to upgrade your bike or buy a new one.

The Tires Are Too Small

It is very important that you buy tires which are suitable for your bike and for your riding style. If you are going for a long distance ride, then you need a wide tire and if you are doing short rides, then you should go for a narrow tire.

You Are Not Taking Care Of The Bike

If you are not taking care of your bike, then it will not last long. You need to maintain your bike regularly and check it every time you ride it. Clean the chain, adjust the gears and do all the necessary maintenance.

If you are riding for a long period of time, then you must have a good seat and handlebar. These two parts will make you comfortable while riding and also keep you away from back pain.

Bad Gear Ratio

You are having a bad gear ratio in your bike. If your gear ratio is low, then it will take a lot of time to get up to the speed. So, it is better to check the gear ratio before you ride.

If you are facing the problem of slow MTB then try to check out the above-mentioned reasons. It will help you to increase the speed of your bike. Also, it is very important that you check the condition of your bike every now and then and take proper care of it.


If you want to ride a mountain bike and don’t want to go for a road bike then this is the right option for you. You will enjoy riding the mountain bike as it is much faster and also it is more comfortable to ride.

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