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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in Dallas?

Building a new house in a city like Dallas can be more challenging than you think. From choosing the right neighborhood to selecting the best contractor and finding the answer to ‘how much does it cost to build a house in Dallas,’ many things need your consideration. 

But sadly, the process doesn’t end here. 

After moving to your new house and spending a few years there, you’ll realize that your property needs a few changes to stay in line with the latest home design trends. Homeowners especially need to revamp their kitchen and bathroom from time to time to ensure they’re fully functional and user-friendly. 

Now, the trouble is most homeowners feel mystified by kitchen renovation costs. That’s because it is not very easy to estimate the exact cost of the entire kitchen remodel. 

We have created this post to give you a clear idea of how much it costs to remodel a kitchen in Dallas. Not only this, but we will also share some easy-peasy tips to help you save money on your next kitchen remodel. Are you excited? We’re too. Let’s begin…

What is the average cost to

remodel a kitchen?

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, everything starts with a budget. You can choose to go with premium materials and the best contractor available in Dallas to handle your remodel. Similarly, if you’re tight on a budget, you can purchase affordable fittings and fixtures to save cost. 

Another factor that affects your kitchen remodel cost is your location. Where you live matters. You should expect to pay higher labor and material costs when you live in a metropolitan area. Labor and material costs in suburban Texas are significantly lower than in urban areas, though.

Whether you want to go with a mid-range kitchen remodel or an upscale remodel will also affect the total price you have to pay for your kitchen remodel. 

All in all, the average, mid-sized kitchen remodel can cost you anywhere between $12k and $50k. This figure can go up and down depending upon your product selection, location, labor cost, project scope, and more.

Your biggest cost investment will usually be cabinets – which exhausts up to 25%-29% of your total kitchen remodel budget. Other things include flooring, backsplash, countertops, lighting, plumbing, and appliances. 

You must also set 10%-15% of your budget aside to cope with unexpected expenses. 

The next section covers some of our tried-and-tested tips you can use today to save money on your next kitchen remodel. 

How to save money on a kitchen remodel

Refinish your existing cabinets

As discussed above, your cabinets will squeeze in most of your kitchen remodel budget. Instead of making them from scratch, you can choose to go with refurbished/repainted cabinets. 

 Obviously, you may have to build them from scratch if you feel they’re not in good shape inside and out. But other than that, if they’re just damaged from the outside, refurbishing will give them the facelift they deserve. 

Even a little change in trim can change your entire kitchen’s look. If you want to do something extra, you can also consider replacing doors and drawer fronts. Finish your cabinet refacing with a fresh coat of polish or gloss to add that desired sheen and finesse. 

Replace hardware

Adding new hardware is an affordable and fail-proof way of dressing up your entire kitchen structure. 

It’s perfectly alright if you don’t want to replace everything inside your kitchen. For example, instead of replacing your sink, you can consider changing the hardware associated with it. 

Similarly, you can add more energy-efficient lighting to enhance the overall look of your kitchen. By making these small changes here and there, you can change and revamp the complete look of your kitchen, that too without breaking your bank. How awesome is that?

Invest in movable islands

A new kitchen island is an expensive investment. But what if we tell you that you can easily avoid this cost by simply using your kitchen table or a spare shelf as your kitchen island.

The good thing about this trick is you can move your island wherever you want. Plus, they’ll also save you a lot on the cost of construction. 

Did you know you can also DIY your kitchen island by simply adding castors to an existing table? You can even spray paint it to make it in line with your existing kitchen theme and colors. The choice is yours to make…

Save money on countertops

Similar to a kitchen island, you don’t really have to throw money on countertops either. You can easily DIY them using some basic ingredients. 

If you’re into cement or granite crafts, you can create your very own kitchen countertop made from these easy-to-handle materials. Laminate is another option that is incredibly easy to DIY. All you need is a trim router, a laminate roller, dowels, and some glue, and you’re all set. 

Some latest laminate types currently available on the market even enable you to apply a new layer to the existing laminate. Talk about convenience!

DIY a backsplash

If you’re looking to make a noticeable aesthetic impact (without spending a lot of cash, of course) via your remodel, DYing a backsplash can be the safest bid. 

Again, there are countless options available, ranging from the basic lick-and-stick backsplashes to beadboard options. Try to go with the option that requires less cutting and customization. 

Refresh the paint

If you’re really tight on a budget and do not wish to change a lot of elements in your existing kitchen, we’d recommend you apply a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen walls. 

This little and cost-effective change can give the kitchen a fresh look.

Buy refurbished and local

Sure, home design markets are loaded with high-end imported stuff that looks amazing at first glance. But why buy expensive when you can save tons of cash by opting for local and refurbished alternatives?

Don’t change the layout

While it may be tempting to change the entire layout of your kitchen, it is better to stick to the basics – if you want to do your kitchen remodel on a budget. Do not touch the basic layout, walls, circuitry, or plumbing. 

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