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How does Telemarketing Fit into Sales and Marketing for Your B2B Enterprise?

B2B marketing primarily entails reaching out to decision-makers in organizations. In many cases, these include purchase managers, HR/Admin heads, and even the CEO’s office. Over the years, approachability has become a major issue for B2B marketers, with the increasing number of organizational layers. So, does cold calling have any prominence left in your B2B sale and marketing endeavours? The answer is a resounding yes. By tweaking your approach towards telesales/telemarketing, it becomes a powerful tool for lead generation, leads nurturing, and inducing conversions. 

Let us examine how telemarketing fits into the sales and marketing campaigns for your B2B business:

B2B Telemarketing Services Provide Valuable Consumer Insights:

Digital marketing modes are no doubt powerful, but they have certain shortcomings. For instance, the consumer insights you get on social media are based on metrics and comments. To get deeper into the consumer psyche, it is best to have a one-to-one conversation. For instance, with existing clients, you can know why they purchased from you. You can also seek their feedback and whether they intend to avail of your services in the future. These insights can be beneficial to customize your marketing techniques for precision-based targeting.

B2B Telemarketing Services help in Building and Updating Databases:

If you intend to create your B2B marketing database, telemarketing is necessary for both building and updating contact lists. Even if you have purchased a database, ensuring its accuracy is possible when regular checks get made by telemarketers. In addition to contact details, you can also get crucial business information about prospective client organizations. These include company hierarchy, turnover, expansion prospects, contracts, etc.

Telesales Facilitates the Nurturing of Inbound Leads:

Telesales executives play a crucial role in nurturing leads from inbound queries. To a certain extent, you can have chatbots and AI-driven responses to online queries. But as leads traverse to the middle of the sales funnel, the element of personal interaction is crucial.

B2B Lead Generation is Streamlined with Automated Telemarketing Software:

Most B2B businesses are no longer keen on hiring telemarketing executives for cold calling. To helm your lead generation campaign, B2B telemarketing services are highly cost-effective today. For ensuring a steady stream of hot leads, digital marketing should complement telemarketing. Thereon, the manual nurturing phase should commence as described above.

Telesales is an Excellent Tool for Repeat Sales, Cross-Selling, and Referrals:

When we speak of B2B lead generation, even a closed/inactive loop can become lucrative with telemarketing. You can get in touch with clients who were disinterested in the past attempt to rekindle sales with new offers. Even if the up-selling, cross-selling, and repeat sales strategies don’t work out, you can always politely ask for referrals. Especially if you provide an incentive, people will always be motivated to provide plausible referrals.

Video Calls have Replaced In-Person Client Meetings during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Before the pandemic, most B2B marketing activities were carried out on-site and in the field, as per the client’s convenience. Today, virtual calls are being used profusely by telemarketers to achieve the erstwhile level of personalization. These video conversations allow the potential client to see you, gain confidence in your brand, voice their concerns, queries, and more.

Telesales Facilitates Quick Communication About New Products/Services and Offers:

You can put up new posts on social media, update your website, and send out promotional emails. But the quickest response that you can get for new launches and offers is via telesales calls. It is an excellent mode for instant communication with both existing clients as well as fresh prospects. 


In the current era of social media frenzy, it is hard to fathom telemarketing and telesales as viable marketing options. But we must understand that the innate human need to crave personalized attention can never fade. Telemarketing focuses on rapport-building with close conversations. Especially with face-to-face meetings fading away in the Covid-19 aftermath, no other marketing approach has enabled this level of lead-nurturing. 


The crux is that telemarketing is way past the archaic cold-calling phase. Today, we have product demos on video calls, automated calls to social media queries, and zoom calls to finalize deals. So telemarketing is very much thriving in its new avatar, yielding high ROI and B2B business prospects! Connect with a reputed B2B telesales services provider to learn how telemarketing can aid in B2B digital lead generation

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