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How Do Locksmiths in Dubai Make Same Key for Multiple Locks?

How Do You Open All Your Door Locks With One Key?

Are you looking for a key that will work in various locks? If you’re not yet comfortable with the latter. You should look into keyed-alike door locks as an alternative to solely relying on keypads. In this article, locksmiths in Dubai address some frequently asked questions and go over the where, whens, and whys of using keyed similar locks.

How Do You Open All Your Door Locks With One Key?

You can have your current locks rekeyed to work with a master key system, or you can purchase new ones that do. To ensure that you have the right key for each lock that uses that specific series of digits or letters. You should look up the key code written on the product details page before making a purchase. For a single key profile to operate with all locks, all locks must use the same retrofittable cylinder. Is there a universal key made by locksmiths in Dubai that can unlock any door?

It’s not possible to open every lock with a skeleton key. Each product has its unique warding and key size. When you have a set of locks that were made to work together, you can get a master key that will unlock all of those locks. Each key will only work in its designated lock. But the master key installed by locksmiths Dubai will function as if it were a key for any lock.

Who Can Install a Master Key System?

Most master keys require locksmiths in Dubai authorized by the lock company to manufacture new keys because they use proprietary key blanks to avoid illegal reproduction. locksmiths near me who have earned their certification can buy key blanks, spare parts, and more at a discounted rate that is only available to those with the proper certification. The system allows you to set individual permissions for different people, such as residents, workers, guests, etc.

Should You Use A Separate Key For The Deadbolt And The Doorknob?

The convenience of locks with the same key can be sacrificed for safety. When there is only one key that will unlock a door, then the door is not locked. Anyone with access to that single key can enter your home. Furthermore, there is no difference between both keyways; a hack or simple exploitation technique. Thus, you’ll need to determine the level of security you’d like for your house.

How Can Locksmiths in Dubai Get the Same Key for Several Locks?

To gain access to multiple locks with just one key, you’ll need to decide how to acquire keyed-alike locks. Most compromises will center on the process’s financial and time commitment requirements. This data can determine if you need professional home locksmiths.

Are the Same Keys for Multiple Locks Right for You?

Locks that use the same key on both the inside and the outside of the door may not be as practical as they first appear. Whether or not you should put money into keyed-alike door locks depends on how you intend to use the property and how urgently you worry about theft. As permissions are granularly differentiated, fewer keys will be needed to unlock a given set of doors. The risk of being a break-in victim increases when multiple building locks use the same key. If you’ve had previous break-ins or thefts where no signs of violence were found, locks that use the same key may not be your best bet. If you are unsure whether your lock has been taken, you may have a key management issue.

Same Key Pros

The usefulness of locks that use the same key on all doors is something that can’t be overstated. Cutting down on the number of keys you use to enter a property will save you a lot of time and effort. Your home will be more secure if all your locks are easily accessible. Use deadbolts and door knobs that are keyed alike so that a single key can unlock all the doors. While these locks with duplicate keys offer several benefits for private residences, they are essential for commercial buildings. When replacing locks with the help of a locksmith near me at your company, think about getting ones that use the same key. Mortise locks don’t have to have identical hardware installed in a building for them to work. It’s easy to make multiple locks on different doors work with the same key by replacing the lock cylinders.

The fewer keys you have to distribute, the less hassle it will be to keep a record of who has access to your building. Keyed locks are a must-have when setting up physical access control. It’s important to consider where guests and other people are prohibited from going on a property while still allowing them full access to everything they need.

Same Key Cons

The biggest risk associated with keyed-alike locks is that an unauthorized person could obtain a key that would open many locks. Lock-picking attacks are made easier when a master key is used, but they are not made easier if all locks are keyed differently. Because a single bump key will work in all keyed-alike locks, they are ineffective against lock bumping. Keyed-alike door locks need either the purchase of a new lock with the same key code or the rekeying of the lock in the event of a broken lock. Similarly, if your situation has changed and you need to change your locks, you should do so immediately. Maintaining access to several locks with a single key necessitates repeating this process whenever a lock needs to be modified.


The installation of keyed-alike door locks makes it possible to unlock many locks with a single set of keys. Accessing the most often-used doors will be simpler, and you will have fewer keys to take care of. Having your existing locks rekeyed by a Locksmiths in Dubai achieves the same result as purchasing keyed-alike locks. One key fits all of the locks on a keyed-alike set of doors. That does not make them safer; rather, it increases the system’s common vulnerability.

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