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How Custom Magnetic Boxes Can Help You Increase Sales

For a better customer experience, Custom Magnetic Boxes are the perfect solution. The highest-quality boxes are sold for a premium, and this can help you increase sales. Remember, customers pay for the experience when they purchase your product, so it is only natural that they want to get it in the best possible way. Custom magnetic boxes provide exactly that. Besides, they’re eco-friendly, elegant, and free shipping.

Magnet closure

If you’re looking for a way to make your products stand out in the market, custom magnetic boxes with magnet closure are an excellent choice. These boxes are made of rigid cardboard and have embedded magnets on both the lid and the flap. These boxes are perfect for storing and packaging delicate items, as the magnetic closure secures the contents in place while traveling. This type of box is perfect for promoting your business while adding a touch of luxury to your products.

If you’re looking for a way to give your jewelry the luxury treatment, consider creating a luxury magnetic box. These boxes look luxurious and feel expensive. Not only will they protect the jewelry, but they can also be used to display it. Custom magnetic boxes with magnet closure are the perfect packaging solution for displaying and storing your jewelry. Whether you’re selling a new watch, jewelry, or a luxury fashion piece, these boxes can make a great first impression.


You can use Eco-friendly custom magnetic boxes for your next promotional campaign. Not only will your customers appreciate the environmental benefits, but they will also appreciate the fact that the packaging is eco-friendly. These custom boxes are designed with the utmost care to ensure that your products arrive in top condition. The best way to get started is to learn about the types of custom magnetic boxes available. The options available are almost endless. Here are some examples.

Custom-made boxes come in a variety of materials and styles. You can get a silk or velvet interior, with a cardstock linen surround. Other custom magnetic boxes can have a satin or deboss finish or a solver fold. They can also feature ribbon or custom-printed cards. Whatever style you choose, custom magnetic boxes are sure to impress. They are an excellent way to showcase your products while also promoting your business.

Elegant printing

With elegant printing on custom magnetic boxes, you can give your products a high-quality and stylish look. Using these boxes can also help you increase your profit margins. You can choose to make your boxes look more luxurious by adding extra finishing touches, such as rope or ribbon handles. Once printed, they will be the highlights of any product. And, because they are very durable, they will stay in place. Plus, you can add your brand’s logo or other details to them for even more impact.

When choosing the material for your packaging, it’s important to consider durability, manufacturing costs, and environmental impact. In addition, attractive packaging will make your clients want to buy your products. Magnetic boxes with clear windows are a great option. They allow your clients to see the product while keeping the packaging in perfect condition. This is an added benefit for those who sell products online. You can add a ribbon or a customized card to the top of your boxes to give them a personal touch.

Free shipping

When it comes to printing magnetic closures, you can choose from many different types and colours. The flap lid on magnetic boxes is usually rectangular, but you can request it to be cut in other shapes. One popular shape is a triangular edge, as shown in the image below. You can also choose an oval-shaped lid if you prefer. The most important thing to remember when it comes to choosing custom magnetic boxes is to have a clear design in mind.

Custom magnetic boxes are ideal for small gifts and are a great way to present a product. Magnetic closures on boxes help customers quickly identify the contents. Custom magnetic boxes are also great for trading companies because they are much cheaper than retail prices. If you need custom magnetic packaging for a business, you can use the services of Cooverbox, which offers its services for a one-time fee. All you have to do is make a minimum order of 50 pieces and get a free shipping quote.


If you’re ready to create your own custom magnetic boxes, there are many factors that you should consider. One of the most important is the shape of the flap lid. A typical magnetic box has a rectangular flap lid, but this doesn’t mean it has to be. You can get creative and get a triangular flap lid instead. Also, you can get an oval flip top lid. Basically, there’s no limit to the shapes of these boxes.

Custom die-cut foam inserts add a clean, polished appearance to your magnetic closure boxes. The uniform spacing and color combinations can be used to highlight a company logo. Custom crafted foam inserts can also be a great choice for packaging that contains breakable products. Custom thermoformed trays are a timeless option for precision tools and are available in a variety of shapes. They can be made from any material and any color to fit your product.


With a premium-looking finish, are an excellent way to boost your brand’s image and sell more products. These boxes will not only look professional but also increase your profit margins. Here are some of the benefits of custom magnetic boxes. A quality finish will make your custom magnetic boxes stand out among other boxes on the market. They also look classy and sturdy. Your customers will be impressed when they receive a gift in one of these Custom Magnetic Boxes.

Depending on the size of the box and its design, luxury custom magnetic boxes may also feature an inlay. This insert can be made from soft foam or paper and is often decorated with a velvet-topped ribbon. This layer helps protect products inside the box and is ideal for perfume bottles and other fragile items. The thickness and height of the inlay can be customized to meet your brand’s design requirements. If you prefer a more elegant look, you can opt for a paper or cardboard inlay and add a paper sleeve around the box.

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