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How Custom Cereal Boxes Support Your Cereal Brand

You’ve probably seen Custom Cereal Boxes in your life. They are usually of the same size, shape, and design. But what you may not know is that companies go through a lot to make their cereal box unique and attractive to customers. 

Two brothers introduced custom cereal boxes as a marketing idea in 1991. They created a cardboard display case for their special granola recipe. Since then, customizing cereal boxes has become one of the most successful ways to advertise their products.

Features That Promote Selling Points of Printed Cereal Boxes

Several unique features promote selling points about that brand or product. 


The front of Printed Cereal Boxes often displays an eye-catching picture. It depicts scenes from inside the cartoon world of the cereal’s characters or anything else to grab children’s attention. For example, boxes for kids often feature pictures of the cereal itself with popular characters. Advertising agencies design these characters to appeal to young children. 


An entire story about what makes it so exciting and fun is on the back.

Side Panels

The side panels on a cereal box are also used as advertising. They usually have trivia questions about the product itself or its theme. It will engage customers in conversation while they’re enjoying their breakfast. 

Some cereal companies also print calories, sugar content, and other nutritional facts on the side of the box. So, customers can know what they are putting in their bodies. Due to all these visual features, customers often see cereal boxes as fun. It is an effective way to advertise an upcoming theme or product before release.

Now that you know how vital customizing cereal boxes is, you may want to design your cereal box for your next promotion! After all, customers love receiving gifts that they can enjoy using or eating right away. This excitement is because people feel valued when something they like gets personalized. It makes them feel special.

Steps for Designing Cereal Boxes Wholesale

The first step to design your box is visiting a website. One that offers high quality printing services at low prices! You can upload your design and demand for your product. 

There are many categories of papers accessible for customization. So, feel free to pick one that look best with the hues of your project! After uploading these resources, you can go through the cost effective and convenient option of Cereal Boxes Wholesale. 

After printing your custom cereal boxes, there are many possible ways to present them:

1) You can hand out boxes with some rice crispy treats inside on Halloween night. Hence, children feel appreciated and excited when they receive these gifts from their favorite characters.

2) Your custom printed products could benefit you by using them as gifts for customers who visit your place of business. For example, during the holidays, you could print boxes with different sayings depending on what occasion it was (ex: “Happy Easter!” or “Merry Christmas!”).

3) Present them at events like trade shows to make a big impact on customers during their time there. A fun idea would be to write trivia questions or facts about your product to engage them in conversation with you!

4) If you are running a campaign. You need to find people who love children to advertise in this society. Hand out individual boxes with treats inside by going door to door around residential areas.

Spread Your Brand Through Social Media

With all these special boxes, there is a great chance that you will see your brand spreading through social media as well! The phrase “take a picture with your box and post it on Instagram!” You can also share this copy on other social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. These posts will increase positive publicity for your company by engaging more people who may be interested in what you have to offer!

In conclusion, cereal boxes wholesale are inexpensive for companies to promote by packaging their products as fun and quirky. They can use these empty boxes to advertise upcoming themes or special occasions they will be celebrating soon. Furthermore, customers love receiving gifts that they can enjoy using or eating! Whether it’s: 

  • Handing out candy on Halloween night to children
  • Presenting hampers to buyers during the holiday period
  • Appealing shoppers at trade shows and occasions

Hence, these boxes can play a big role in promoting your brand!

Reference Link: http://articlemug.com/

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