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How Corporate Video Production Singapore Agency Make Professional Videos

This article will discuss the many kinds of corporate films that a video production company has, the people who ought to appear in them, how to make them entertaining – and how the best video production company Singapore can help.

Although the word “corporate video” has many different meanings, it often highlights some aspects of your company, such as its culture, offerings, client testimonials, etc. This article will discuss the many kinds of corporate films that a video production company has, the people who ought to appear in them, how to make them entertaining – and how the best video production company Singapore can help.

What does the corporate video say about your company?

The “About Us” or “culture” video engages viewers who are eager to learn more about your business without requiring them to spend a lot of time or money on it. The corporate film for “About Us” provides a high-level view of your company’s operations, including “why we do what we do,” “what we do,” and “how we do it.”

They often last no more than two to three minutes. Even though they may not be bored, most viewers leave an About Us video in less than a minute.

Similar to the above, a straw poll based on more than 25 years of video production shows that most corporate executives perceive their film’s content to be considerably more intriguing than outsiders who see the same thing.

However, these little clips included in your corporate video production Singapore are a great way to show off your goods, introduce your company to potential clients and workers, and even make virtual tours.

Who should be interviewed for a corporate video about us?

It might be challenging to select the right characters for your corporate video. When choosing a representative for your business, there are several factors to take into account.

Think outside of your C-Suite:

Organizations make the mistake of assuming that their CEOs are the best people to tell the company’s narrative. Additionally, we don’t think hiring someone from the C-Suite should be your first or even second option, even though doing so may ultimately be a reasonable alternative.

Leadership roles come with the natural disadvantage, fair or not, of being seen as stuffy, elitist, and unapproachable. We advise focusing on people who are “in the trenches” if the objective is to connect with the general audience.

Start with “Why”:

People are more interested in your motivations than your actions. Avoid those who can just communicate how your business operates operationally and look for someone who can articulate the purpose of your organization.

Get your clients to talk:

Conducting on-camera client interviews is a proven method for convincingly delivering your company’s message. In general, third-party endorsements are a fairly reliable source for spreading marketing messages.

When you persuade your customers to talk about your business, the audience interprets this as a third-party endorsement and concludes that the speaker isn’t receiving any direct advantage from doing so.

Select a person with the necessary energy:

Find somebody who can convey their strong energy on camera. An adage in the news business about speaking on camera is that you need to have twice the excitement to have half the impact. In other words, if you want the recorded message to seem enthusiastic, you need to speak with twice as much intensity.

Make certain they have eye-catching design:

Your representative should have a captivating visual presence. Take note of the wording: “Interesting” does not always equate to “attractive.” Even if they are not competing in beauty pageants, there are many interesting people on camera.

However, there are many different methods to be aesthetically appealing. Think about subjects with great facial expressions, intriguing attire, or an eye-catching background. Regardless, it’s a good idea to make whatever is on camera appear intriguing since you’re selling through a visual medium.


People frequently believe that a single film must cover all aspects of their business. That’s just not feasible, sadly. Decide on a few key points you want to make to the audience and then address them.

Think about what makes us special. To make them simple for viewers to internalize and remember, try to limit your overview films to 3 essential topics. Just because you find the story’s intricacies fascinating doesn’t ensure the spectator will feel the same way.

More films can always be made, but attempting to cover too many subjects in a single video will make it confused and prevent it from being of any service to anybody.

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