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How can you renew your Egyptian tourist visa?

The renewal of the Egypt tourist visa is easy the traveler just need to apply for the Egypt visa.

The renewal of the Egypt tourist visa is simple, the travelers need to fill the Egypt visa application for the renewal of their Egypt tourist visa. The form needs some personal information like your name, address, passport number, and the data of the birth. Also, you also need to answer some of the questions related to your traveling, these questions are related to security. You need to verify for applying for a single entry or multiple entry Egypt e visa. The main reason for this verification as you need to submit a different fee for different types of visas. You need a credit or debit card to submit the fee regarding your e visa Egypt renewal.

In this article, we are discussing the procedure for the renewal of the visa for Egypt:

The process of renewal of Egypt tourist visa: 

To renew the Egypt tourist visa, you need the same length of time as to take the original Egypt evisa. It normally takes 5 working days to renew your Egyptian tourist visa. So, it’s better that travelers would apply for Egypt visa renewal seven days before traveling to renew their visas. You need to fill the sections of visa renewal application, otherwise, your application can be denied for providing wrong information. Once your application is approved, it would be emailed to you in a PDF format, you need to take the printout of your  Egypt tourist visa before entering the borders of Egypt.

When do you need to renew your  Egypt tourist visa?

You need to renew your Egypt tourist visa if your passport is expired as you successfully get the Egypt e-visa. There should be six months remaining in the expiry of the passport, otherwise, you aren’t eligible for the Egypt e-visa. This is because the validity of the visa can be extended to 6 months, so considering this fact this condition is applied, so the passport should not expire before the validity of the  Egypt tourist visa has expired. To apply for the renewal of the  Egypt tourist visa, if there are less than six months remaining in the expiration of your passport. 

Can I extend my Egypt e visa by staying in the country?

 Technically you can’t renew your Egypt e visa from within the country. If your visa for Egypt expired during your stay in the country. Also, you need to pay a fine to leave the country. The fine is implemented as how many days, you have stayed illegally in the country, if you have stayed for a long period of time, then it can be increased dramatically, so it is better to leave the country when you think the visa for Egypt is near to expire, and then reply for a fresh Egypt tourist visa to avoid any inconvenience during your stay.

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