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How can you maintain the credibility of exams with Online Proctoring Software?

Think Exam Remote Proctoring Tool: Maintaining credibility of the Online Exams

In this era, technology is coming up with an innovation to deliver assessments. The main concern that educational institutes and corporates face is maintaining the authenticity of exams. Now, the assessment domain is not obsolete which would lead to any kind of malfunctioning. The new technology would maintain the authenticity of the exam. Since campuses were closed during the pandemic, the demand for online proctoring software expanded.

Online examination with a remote proctoring solution is the new norm in educational institutes because it offers secure examinations. 

What are online proctored exams? 

Online proctored exams are examinations conducted online that enroll advanced technology to certify the authenticity of the exam and prevent them from cheating. According to the survey, around 54% of the institutes are using online proctoring software, and the remaining 23% are planning to consider it. Hence, organizations have to come up with advanced gadgets to detect cheating. 

Effectiveness of online proctored exam

Every new technology gives skepticism in the beginning. This is why the online exam platform has to face a lot of questions to prove credibility concerns. Many have raised concerns regarding the cheating that can curb cheating. Modern technology has come a long way to deliver secure examinations. Student authentication, secure exam browser, and activity detection to ensure safe examination. The learning center controls the permission given to the candidate and what he can access on the computer while giving the exam. Since students are aware of remote proctoring, they refrain from cheating. 

How automated online proctoring software refrain students from cheating? 

Here are the few points that tell you how remotely proctored exam can prevent students from cheating that are as follows: 

  • Two-factor verification: The first method of cheating that students usually follow is impersonification. They often hire someone to give an exam on their behalf . Online proctoring software prevents students from impersonation by student authentication tests like facial and voice recognition before beginning the test. In two-factor verification, a candidate is given a link and a unique code sent to him.
  • Restricting Test access: Candidates tend to take help from their friends while giving the exam or give the ID or password to someone else. Well, remote proctoring software records all the malpractice. The new age proctoring software can restrict access which means login ID would be used only once during the beginning.
  • Tracking browsing activity: Candidates can browse answers or they might copy-paste the answers. To overcome this problem, online proctoring software can track the browsing activity during the test and record it for later evaluation. Remote proctoring software can restrict the use of search engines during the exam. You can see if the candidate is changing the tab or not. 

Anxiety and fear push candidates to cheat during the exam. But there are negligible chances to cheat during the exam. Online proctoring software certifies safe and secure exams by preventing all the modes of cheating during the exam. Technology is going to be more effective in the coming years for seamless delivery of the examination.

Think Exam Remote Proctoring Solution

Think Exam is a ISO 9001:27001 certified Noida Based Assessment Company. ThinkExam is the leading online examination software for conducting online exams, online assessments, CBT mode exam and much more. ThinkExam uses artificial intelligence based remote proctoring for maintaining the credibility and authenticity of online examinations and in order to make the exam cheat-proof. These remote proctoring software can detect irregularities during the exams and can automatically stop the exams if found to be manipulated. Remote Proctoring is a boon for conducting online exams, remotely and securely. 

Think Exam’s remote proctoring system blocks all the web applications, web push notifications and external applications and thus enhances the functionality of the browser. Some of the advanced features of Think exam remote proctoring solution are as follows:

  • Real-Time Recording of the examination session
  • Proctoring accessible from both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Navigation check with disabling copy/paste option.
  • Real-Time interaction through the chat box and candidate blocking if found irrelevant activities
  • Private recording with restricted connectivity
  • Notification in case of suspicious activity
  • Cheat Alert features for preventing cheating during online exams
  • An accessible dashboard for private recording
  • Preventing tests from fraud during the time of the examination
  • In-depth analysis of user behaviour and actions.

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