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How Can I Get A Higher IELTS Speaking Exam Score?

IELTS Speaking Exam Score

Well, if you want to improve your IELTS speaking, then I can give me some tips for the improvement. Here how can i get a higher IELTS speaking exam score?

IELTS Speaking Exam

First of all, let’s talk about the IELTS speaking part. The IELTS speaking test consist of three parts.

Get Excellent Score in IELTS Speaking Exam

Part 1 is for 4-5 minutes which is the introduction part and the interview part .In this part, the examiner will introduce itself and will also tell you to introduce yourself then he can ask you about your hobbies and interests.

Part 2 consists of 3-4 minutes where a card will be given to you with a topic name on it. You have to think about that topic for one minute as the time for 1 minute will be given to you along with pen and paper so that you can write down your points and after that you have tell about that topic.

Part 3 consists of 4-5 minutes where the examined will your opinion about the topic so there you can give more ideas.

Well, I am gonna give you some of the tips where you can increase your score and this can be good for your future too.

Pick a good study partner with you who has a stronger grasp in the English language and can speak better than you so that you can also get to learn so much form them and try to speak English in a fluent way. But by doing this, just keep in mind that you don’t get discouraged as that person will be there to help you in order your English speaking skills.

Try to speak more than the examiner in terms of giving the answers. Now, the question here arises that how are you gonna give the best possible answer you can. Well, I have some tips for these too. So, you don’t have to concern about anything my buddy.

Elaborate The Answer!!

Whenever you are trying to give answers to a question, then make sure that you elaborate the answer in the best possible way in the front of your examiner so that the idea or the basic thought of yourself that you are thinking gets delivered to the examiner in the best way possible so that he can understand your ideas and thoughts. Don’t respond to the questions in a single short sentence answers. Instead, try to use some grammatical structures to complete your answers.

Think Of the Answer If You Are Like Telling the Story

So suppose if you are giving the speaking test, and the examiner ask you a question like what kind of music do you play?

And, now here you don’t know anything about music because you haven’t played any music at all. At this point, you should add some of your experiences and also try to cook something up . Although don’t create something hypothetical or something that is not possible or does not exist in real world. So, try to make a good story which can impress the readers.

Your Knowledge Is Not Being Tested!

Although, it’s true that you should be updated about certain topics that the examiner can ask you but the thing is that he will not see the knowledge of your topic . The main motive he is giving you this topic is to test you English speaking skills so you should focus more on that than knowing just the topics.

Take Time to Gather Your Thoughts

Think twice before you speak both on life and in the tests too. Because tests are also important too. So, when the examiner ask you the questions, then think about the answer first as they will give you a minute too to think about the answer. Then, after this, you can answer the question with some good ideas and thoughts in your mind.

Be Little Bit Emotional While Speaking the Answers.

 Well, this doesn’t mean that I ask you to shed tears while speaking the answer. The main motive behind this is that when you speak a particular answer to a particular question, first try to understand the question and then give the answers accordingly.

Look And Feel Confident

Always remember first impression is the last impression. So, don’t feel nervous. Take a deep breath before going to the room of the examiner. Look confident in front of him. And feel confident and try to say these things in your mind – like you can do it!

So, this can help you very much.

Establish a Good Pace

When it comes to language, we usually associate speed with skill. The freer you are, the faster you can speak, right? Although this is true, it is best not to fall into the trap of speed when taking the IELTS Speaking test.

If you speak too fast, you may act as incomprehensible. Alternatively, speaking too slowly can cause your teacher to become distracted and lose interest in what you are saying.

The best thing you can do is maintain a steady and consistent pace. This will help you to be coordinated and make a good impression on your exams.

Still, if you have any doubt, then you can contact good overseas education consultants as their name suggests that these overseas education consultants will help you to know about anything you want to know about IELTS.

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