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How Bladder Cancer Affects Your Life

Living with bladder cancer is not easy. It can impact you physically and emotionally and cause turmoil in your life and that of your loved ones. However, the right treatment on time, proper care, and adherence to precautions can reduce the risk of the disease and its recurrence.

One of the best ways to fight bladder cancer is by being aware of the signs and symptoms of the disease. If you notice any symptoms, you should contact a doctor who will diagnose the problem and suggest the right treatment.

What is bladder cancer?

The bladder is an organ of the body and is located in the lower abdomen. The primary objective of the bladder is to store urine. Cancer is one of the many diseases that can affect the bladder and germinates in the bladder cells.

Bladder cancer usually originates in the urothelial cells. These cells are located in the bladder’s interior and are also present in the kidneys and ureters. Bladder cancer is among the most common cancers and can seriously impact the bladder. The cancer can also spread to organs near the bladder. If bladder cancer is not treated on time it can assume life-threatening proportions. However, one should be aware that even if bladder cancer is diagnosed and treated early, it can still recur. So ensure that you regularly follow up with the doctor and take all necessary precautions as instructed by the medical team.

Symptoms of bladder cancer

Symptoms of bladder cancer are very discomforting and can significantly impact your life. Some symptoms associated with this disease include:

  • The urge to urinate frequently
  • Pain during urination
  • Back pain
  • Blood in urine

These symptoms point toward bladder cancer and indicate that it is imperative to see a doctor for treatment.

Risk factors

Certain factors can increase the chance of getting bladder cancer. Of these risks, some are due to our unhealthy habits or living standards. A few risks are mentioned below:

  • Smoking 
  • Advancing age 
  • Family history of cancer
  • Cancer treatment availed in the past 
  • Chronic bladder inflammation

Can I prevent bladder cancer?

Preventing bladder cancer may not be entirely possible, but there are ways to lower its risk. Some steps that you can take to prevent the disease from assuming dangerous proportions are:

If you are a smoker, give up this habit. Smoking is one of the factors that increase the risk of bladder cancer. Active smokers will find it difficult to kick this habit and will need support. Talk to your doctor, who will help you find ways to avoid smoking. You can also seek the help of a support group.

Chemicals can also cause bladder cancer. So either avoid venturing around chemicals or take the necessary precautions.

A balanced and healthy diet can significantly reduce the risk of bladder cancer. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet.

Water is good for the body and one of the factors in lowering the risk of bladder cancer. So have lots of water.

Treatment of bladder cancer

The doctor will prescribe treatment based on your diagnosis, age, type of cancer, its stage and various other factors. Some treatments that the doctor may suggest are:

Radiation therapy is a procedure where the doctor will destroy the cancer cells.

Targeted therapy is done when other treatments are ineffective. Through this treatment the doctor will treat an advanced stage of cancer.

Immunotherapy boosts the body’s immune system to target cancer cells.

Chemotherapy of the bladder or the whole body

> is performed to remove the bladder’s cancerous part.

Where to get bladder cancer treated

Bladder cancer is a serious medical issue and requires treatment at reputed hospitals and institutions like Max Healthcare, Max Hospital India, BLK-Max or Nanavati Max Hospital. These are some of the best hospitals in the country and have acquired a robust reputation for:

  • Their high-class medical facilities & infrastructure 
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Well trained & highly experienced doctors 
  • Successful surgical outcomes.

What needs to be done after treatment?

Now that you are through with the treatment and have returned home, you need to adhere to the instructions provided by the medical team. This will ensure that the bladder cancer does not return and you lead a normal life.

Following up with the doctor is very important. The doctor will continuously monitor your condition. If the doctor finds any signs and symptoms of the disease returning, they will be able to take prompt action. So take your follow up visits to the doctor very seriously.

Final thought

Bladder cancer is a serious disease and can significantly impact you. The disease may inculcate feelings of depression or anxiety in the patient. The best way to deal with it is by seeking emotional support from your family or friends. It is also necessary to avoid habits detrimental to your health, have a good diet, regularly meet the doctor and take proper precautions. If you find any symptoms of the disease, seek medical help from experienced professionals at Max Healthcare.

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