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How and Why Use LED Panel Lights?

LED Panel Lights

Often, offices, schools, and other buildings like that require high illumination. Therefore, they usually install LED panel lights. Instead of installing many lights, these big panel lights are required in small numbers.

The significance of LED panel lights

Large areas demand more lights with higher illuminating power. You might have seen the panel lights in your offices, malls, and other commercial places. With the installment of the lights, you can save the cost of placing numerous LED lights. A few lights would be enough to brighten the rooms to full capacity. With these lights, you could save energy and money. The light it produces isn’t too sharp to irritate your eyes.

Panel lights

Many of you haven’t seen the panels of LED. Brands install the LEDs in the panel, also called plates. You have to install these panels on the ceilings. Hence, the light produced by the panels spreads evenly throughout the rooms. The panel versions are better than tube lights because they completely fit into the ceiling as if they were a part of it. This brand produces quality LEDs that don’t do malfunctioning.

Brands of LED lights make the lights in different dimensions and shapes.

The properties of this LED light

Though you can purchase these lights easily, before purchasing, notice the following properties of the lights.

  1. Frame

A frame is a structure that holds the light, or you can name it a casing. Hence, the case should be rigid enough to increase the durability of the LED. Most brands use aluminum or iron frames. Both of these materials can fix the lights perfectly. Often, light prices correspond to the frame material. Also, this frame shouldn’t be too heavy so that it doesn’t fall. It should be slim to look elegant.

  1. The guide plate for the LED

It directs the light flow from the chip producing this light to the plate transmitting it. The plate contains dots, which are present in a certain design. If they chose a quality plate, then it would produce a bright light.

  1. Light source

The light used for the panel generally reflects the brightness. So, brands select the quality of lamp beads that are economical and provide sufficient light.

  1. Diffusion board

This plate is responsible for producing a light even when it passes through the LED panels. It avoids the glaring effect of light.

  1. Reflective film

It prevents the loss of light by reflecting the light that leaks through the guide plates.

  1. Driver

This driver prevents LEDs from heating up. Also, it is used to power the LEDs.

  1. LED cover

A protective sheet covers the panel light. It disperses the brightness of the light.

The benefits of panel lighting

It is an opportunity to use LED panel lights commercially. Many people use fluorescent tube lights and bulbs. But what irritates you is the constant flickering and fusing of those lights. Sometimes, you might have gone through stress and neck pain due to the issues. It affects your work productivity.

However, with the introduction of panel lights, you can at least concentrate well because of the lights. These LED panels produce uniform light everywhere. Employees are comfortable in this light. If the lights work by consuming a little energy, then they are saving the Earth’s energy. After installing the LEDs, you do not have to worry about their replacement shortly. The lights are designed to run for numerous hours. Thus, it saves the cost of buying the lights at frequent intervals.

It saves the lumens and prevents their loss. The technology allows these LEDs to save energy by not converting it to heat. Hence, less heat dissipates from the panel lights. Some of the lights even restrict the bugs and flies coming into the room. A few brands use smart technology for their lights. This technology allows users to operate the lights from their smartphones rather than manually operating them. You can change the intensity of light with it.

Hyundai power

When looking solely at the quality of LEDs, choose this brand. It produces almost every kind of LED. They work on the circuits of the LED lights and use smart connections for them. Similarly, they choose high-quality and high-rated components for better performance of the lights.

They have a 36W backlit panel light. Check out its specs below.

For this light, they have used a stylish design and structure. The sheet they used for refraction produces a high level of brightness. Further, you can connect it to a solar panel for solar connection. It produces a beam angle of 150 degrees in the direction of light. It has three kinds of colors. Next, it has a power factor greater than 0.9 and a CRI value greater than 80.


Hyundai is known for its perfectionist approach to manufacturing LED panel lights. Use these LEDs for higher illumination results. Rather than spending too much on purchasing LED bulbs and lights, purchase fewer panel lights only.

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