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Home Automation Market

Rising Customer Demand for Security Providing Opportunities For Home Automation Market


One of the industries that continued to grow despite the current epidemic is the home automation business. The market has been driven by consumer demand and will remain so for some time. Utilizing intelligent terminals to manage household equipment and appliances is known as home automation. Centralized lighting management, security checks and locks for door entry, HVAC control, and other features are among them, although they are not the only ones. Home automation, commonly referred to as smart home automation, is an automation system that enables smartphone management of various appliances and gadgets, including lighting, fans, alarm systems, heating and cooling systems, and electrical outlets.

Benefits of Home Automation Market

End-users may enjoy a variety of benefits from an automated house, including lower energy costs, theft protection, and defence against unwanted entry. In order to safeguard their private and business assets, including buildings, hardware infrastructures, personal possessions, and others. The solutions are becoming more and more popular in the residential and hospitality sectors.

Due to the fact that for many years on-premises administration is the only choice for home automation, on-premises management is anticipate to have a higher part of the level sensor market. According to data from Data Bridge Market Research, the home automation market was valued at USD 44.72 billion in 2021 and is projected to increase to USD 93.10 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 9.6% predicted for the forecast period of 2022 to 2029.

The need for energy-efficient solutions is rising, and the IoT industry is expanding significantly. Convenience and simplicity of use, technical improvements, an increase in smartphone users, and a rise in security concerns are further driving factors in the home automation market. Due to the high price of automate houses and a lack of knowledge in some emerging and underdeveloped areas, the market is constrained.

Government subsidies for green efforts and an increase in the use of automated services present growth opportunities for the home automation sector. Additional reasons that are anticipate to increase demand for the home automation market include the requirement for energy-efficient solutions and the growth in demand for safety and security for houses.

Impact of covid 19 on Home Automation Market

Due to restrictions on logistic services, the home automation sector was impede during the COVID-19 epidemic. However, as the notion of smart homes and home automation becomes more widely accepted, there is a considerable growth in demand for smart houses that work with home automation. Additionally, the COVID-19 epidemic had a significant impact on the hotel, tourist, industrial, and construction sectors. Manufacturing operations were suspend or limited. Globally, supply networks for the construction and transportation industries were disrupted.

This resulted in a decrease in both the demand for and manufacture of home automation, which in turn restrained the market’s expansion. On the other hand, businesses are progressively returning to their normal levels of production and services. Home automation businesses are anticipate to restart at full capacity as a result. Which would “help the home automation industry recover by mid-2022.

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Home Automation Market Dynamics


The following are key elements that are anticipate to fuel the home automation market’s expansion throughout the projected period:

  • An increase in millennial home buying globally

After gaining a sizable domestic client base through current internet and cable subscriptions. Telecommunications companies joined the home security industry, which will help the market develop even faster.

  • An increase in the services offered by telecom firms

According to SafeWise (US), an impartial review body for testing and evaluating home security systems. Installing safety monitoring and security devices in a house can reduce a homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%. This is expected to further fuel the expansion of the home automation industry.

  • Usage of home automation systems growing

Home automation has become increasingly popular in industrialized nations over the past ten years. Which is further fueling the market’s expansion. This is due to the inclusion of these goods and services into lifestyles. A high adoption rate of advanced technology.


The home automation market is expect to grow at a healthy pace in the near future. The devices will start coming down in price, and innovations are also likely to take place. Such developments will pave the way for mass adoption of smarter home systems and make life simpler for house owners as well.





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