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Here Is How You Can Delete Yourself from the Internet 

With the unnecessarily long hours we are spending in our homes, many of us have come across the thought of deleting ourselves from the internet. If you are in the same boat, then this blog is for you.

There are high chances that many of you reading this piece have been social media addicts for a long time. Spending a day without checking your Facebook or putting up a story on Instagram must have been a challenge for you. However, now with the internet and its advertising giants captivating our lives by knowing and sharing a huge amount of our personal information, it is time to rethink this whole scenario.

It is not a surprise that Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other internet giants have piles of data about you. This data includes everything — things you like, things you dislike, your taste in food, health information, social connection, the way you shop and so forth. While many of us allow these companies to extract such data from our social media handles or through the information we fill to receive personalized and customized shopping experiences, this information is not limited to these giants. Instead, countless murky data brokers collect information about you and sell it forward. This might sound creepy but this is the reality. This data collected and shared is used to influence your buying decision and force you to buy stuff from companies that have invested in your data.

On top of all this, your embarrassing social media posts that you thought you deleted are still on the internet. With this being said, some of you might wonder what a modern-day person would do without social media. There is no doubt on the fact that social media is a big part of ourselves. Not only do we use social media platforms to connect with our loved ones but it is the source to our less boring life. However, if you have decided to take this bold decision of deleting yourself from the internet, you might as well invest in Spectrum Internet plans first. Spectrum Packages comes with high-speed internet, cable TV, and phone services. Therefore, once you are off social media, you can stream some shows online. In addition, if you have decided to completely remove yourself from the internet then Cable TV service will help you in staying sane and up to date.

It is safe to say that removing yourself from the internet is going to be a difficult task. However, with the steps mentioned below, you can make the process a little easier for yourself.

Get google results updated

While you cannot choose the way Google displays the search result, with a few steps here and there, you can make sure the information displayed about you is not harmful. Google lets you put forward a request for the removal of harmful content. If you find any explicit content online such as media, national data, fake pornography, or financial details, then you can ask Google to remove them. You have to submit a form along with evidence of the content for the removal request.

Delete old accounts

There is no easy way to track down all your previous accounts and delete them all in one go. However, you have to track down the old Myspace and Tumblr accounts and remove all traces of information on them. For this, you need to work on a laptop and have a handful of time.

Also for this, you first have to make a list of the accounts you remember having and then track them down via your email address.

Conclusion: Clean up digital history

Deleting your identity from the internet might take you alto of time. However, you can wait to clean up the data that you have stored online. Best of luck with tracking your previous accounts; that is one hard nut to crack.

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