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Hearing aids: How to choose the right one

Hearing aids singapore are made by JBG and sold under the brand name “JGlasses & Hearing.” We understand that finding the proper style of hearing aid for you is not a simple task.

Hearing tests and the use of hearing aid devices are not only for the elderly in Singapore and abroad. In fact, research has shown that recreational noise causes hearing loss in youngsters as well.

Essentially, the most effective approach to know if you need hearing aids is to see a hearing care professional. An audiologist can perform an in-person hearing test, also known as an audiogram, to determine your level of hearing loss and whether hearing aids are suitable for you.

The parts of a hearing aids singapore are microphone, amplifier, and speaker. The microphone converts the sound wave to an electrical signal and transmits it to the amplifier. Meanwhile, the amplifier boosts the signal strength before transferring it to your ears via the speaker.

In a nutshell, hearing aids improve the sound wave’s signal and send it to you. In contrast, the user is able to hear comfortably.

Hearing Aid Consultants and Innovations (HACI)

Hearing Aid Consultants and Innovations (HACI) is a hearing aid shop in Singapore that provides professional assistance and high-quality solutions to people who are having difficulties with their hearing. Regardless of your age or generation, we will be able to give you timely advise on whether you should use hearing enhancing gadgets as part of your everyday routine.

People with hearing problems will have a hard time engaging in normal conversations as they cannot hear other people speaking. This can cause embarrassment or even anxiety to sufferers when they are in situations that involve speaking with others, especially when the topic of conversation is related to their line of work.

Hearing is an important aspect of brain development, which makes it more crucial for young children. HACI understands that parents are concerned about exposing their kids to loud noises, thus there are some hearing aids available with sound protection tools.

To make sure your baby is enjoying good auditory health, check them each time after they are exposed to very loud sounds or noise. Also, special earmuffs are available in the market these days.

Protection from noisy sound

Another way to protect young children’s hearing ability is by using earmuffs for babies. We do not recommend using loud toys because it can damage their ears when they are very small. You may also ask your doctor if you have questions about what kinds of toys are safe for your child.

In addition, these days there are certain toys that provide multimedia entertainment to young children when they play. You can find them in well-equipped playgrounds and amusement centers in the market these days. When planning for a family outing, it is advisable not to be close to loud amusements, such as games involving gunfire noise or thunderous music from speakers.

Aeroplane flights can be a nightmare for those who suffer from flying anxiety and the noise of plane engines only makes it worse. Fortunately, there are now custom-made earplugs available in stores that sell hearing aids singapore . These will not completely cancel out the sound but they will reduce the loudness of plane engine sounds.

As stated earlier, to know if you need hearing aids or not is the first step in preventing further loss of sound comprehension. HACI does free hearing tests for Singapore residents which can be done at its offices located in major shopping malls and community centers like Tanjong Pagar, Punggol and Yishun Central.

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