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Healthcare or Medical Marketing Strategies: Using the Web to Find New Customers

The medical sector requires particular attention in managing advertising activities, especially when this is carried out online and on social networks. Therefore, Healthcare marketing strategies must be approached professionally and expertly. Making mistakes does not only mean losing any new customers and potentially running into problems regarding the code of ethics and the legal aspects of promotion for doctors and health.

The Healthcare Marketing Agency team has years of experience in healthcare marketing in various sectors, such as digital marketing in healthcare  working with freelance doctors, orthopedists, dentists, pharmacists, and multi-specialist medical clinics. We know the regulations governing the conduct of the promotion for medical marketing, and we can offer you a personalized and tailor-made service for each activity.

In 2022, more and more people will have access to the Internet (just think of how fast digitalization is running in all sectors, including healthcare digital marketing agency) and will use it to search for information. With the right healthcare marketing strategies, we will be able to give you visibility online and inspire confidence in new customers.

What are the best health marketing strategies for 2022

The messages that we transmit online when we deal with the promotion of health marketing must have very specific characteristics:

Therefore, it is a way of marketing that must be well structured. In addition, it is essential to build a relationship of collaboration and trust between the professional and the online advertising experts. But what are the health marketing strategies we can rely on?

The tools at our disposal are many: the secret of success is knowing how to correlate them and focusing our energies only on what can change your online visibility and how they manage to find new potential customers.

The healthcare marketing strategy must also be tailor-made based on the message that the individual specialist wants to give about himself. For example, some doctors have no problem interacting on social networks, with a more informal communication method and direct contact with patients. Others prefer to remain more “formal” by focusing most of the resources on the care of a well-structured website and the dissemination of informative articles and targeted medical responses.

There is no right or wrong: the starting point is always the careful study of the target audience we want to address, and the expectations patients want to be met when looking for an online doctor.

The website and the space for the blog

The website is the space where any professional can make himself known and show the services he offers in a clear, detailed, and complete way. In addition to the pages with the services, the contact form for requesting visits or quotes, and a detailed sheet with the curriculum and experiences of the specialist (or specialists, in the case of clinics or doctors’ offices), it is possible to combine the site with a part dedicated to the informative blog.

The blog is a collector of articles related to the activity. We can write insights, publish news or innovations in the medical field, inform patients about any events, promotions, or other news. It is a very powerful tool for several reasons:

  • This allows us to address particular target customers, for example, by answering the most requested questions with short articles and going to work on specific keywords, that is, the words (or phrases) that people use to search for activities like yours online;
  • It strengthens the SEO positioning of the entire site, thanks to the possibility of expanding and diversifying the health marketing strategies at our disposal.

SEO is the activity of positioning on search engines. Working on SEO means making your site appear in the top positions on Google precisely for the keywords that interest us and those used by your potential customers.

Local SEO within health marketing strategies

A brief parenthesis deserves, within the SEO activities, those focused on increasing visibility at the local level, the Local SEO. Generally, each specialist works in one or more studies or clinics. Think about how important it can become for your business to be immediately visible to people looking for similar businesses in the area. Providing opening hours, up-to-date contacts, useful information is the best way to make sure those people decide to turn to you, rather than the competition.

For Local SEO, we are experts in the management and promotion of Google My Business cards, through which you can appear in the top positions both in Google search and on Google Maps.

Social networks and online reputation

More and more people are looking for advice and information on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This also applies to finding a doctor or specialist. Creating a company page for your business can allow you to create a network of loyal customers, who interact with the content you post, leave their experience, and, consequently, can recommend you to their circle of virtual friends/acquaintances.

Ads campaigns on Facebook and Google and health marketing strategies

To work on the visibility and growth of your online reputation, we can combine the website and social presence with targeted campaigns on the main advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Paid advertising is a quick and direct way to get new leads, especially if placed within integrated healthcare marketing strategies.

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