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Guide: Tape-in Hair Extensions

What is Tape In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are a form of hair extension that can be applied by even the most inexperienced of stylists in as little as 20 minutes. Your care will be consisted of taping your existing hair to two polyurethane tapes arranged in a ‘sandwich’ formation with your hair in the middle, and then simply sew the tapes into your own hair (this sounds more painful than it actually is). For those who desire something more permanent, we offer micro-links, which are similar to tape-ins, but are sewn into the head instead of being attached by adhesive.

Reasons To Choose Hair Extensions

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1. Cost-Effective

Tape-in hair extensions are the fastest and easiest way to add length and volume to your hair. Applying them takes about an hour, which is much faster than other methods of hair extension application. another cost-effective advantage of tape-in extensions is that they are easily removed and reused, so you can restyle your hair or exchange them for a different color whenever you want.

2. Less Damage

Tape-in extensions are made of thin, flexible strips of tape placed on the head to give the appearance of longer, thicker hair. They might seem scary at first, but they’re actually very comfortable and easy to care for—and you won’t experience any hair loss or damage.

3. Have Long And Healthy Hair

People who grow their hair long often have a problem: keeping it looking healthy. Long hair means split ends and dryness. But there is a solution to all of this. Virgin remy balayage tape in hair extensions brand is a new way to get long, healthy hair.

4. Not Bulky

Tape-in hair extensions are much lighter and more flexible than other types of extensions which makes styling the hair easier. The lightweight feature also helps to reduce stress on the hair follicles which reduces breakage and damage to the hair shafts.

5. Low Maintenance

Tape-in hair extensions are thin pieces of hair that you can easily attach to your own hair without the use of heat or glue. They stay in place for several weeks and can be easily put in and removed by an experienced stylist. Most people forget they have tape-in extensions because they are so easy to maintain.

Best hair extensions, particularly the better quality brands, do not shed, mat or tangle during the first year or so. We recommend moving them up every couple of months during this period. These extension can be easily done by yourself when you have made the necessary investment in some good quality tape and a good hair extension tool.

6. Reusable

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Tape extensions are a great choice for maintaining thicker and longer hair for a long period of time. After your extensions are installed, you can reuse both the tape and the hair. Reusing the tape will likely extend the life of your extensions, especially if you add a protein-based sealant to the leftover strands.

7. Flexible and Invisible

One of the best things about tape-in extensions is that once you have installed them, you can wash and dry them as you would your own hair. When it’s time to take care of your extensions, use a mild shampoo and warm water, then blot with a towel. Apply a leave-in conditioner or serum to moisturize your hair, then twist and clip sections of your hair before going to bed. The next morning, gently brush out the tangles while running a flat iron over your extensions. You’ll soon discover that with tape-ins, there are so many new hairstyles you can now achieve!

8. Perfect for Any Occasion

From New York Fashion Week to weddings, to everyday use—the tape-in hair extensions are a part of many women’s lives. They can add volume and length, or create special occasions—whatever your client’s hair needs, they’re the perfect option.

The Pros And Cons Of Hair Extensions

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Tape-in hair extensions are among the fastest semi-permanent methods of styling. Volume applications take about twenty to thirty minutes and full-length applications take about forty-five to sixty minutes. They are less expensive than other methods and require minimal tools or heat. Tape-ins lay flat on the head, making them nearly undetectable. They are suitable for thin, fine hair but do cause some damage to the client’s natural hair.


If you have to sweat excessively or wash your hair over the next day or two, it is important not to exercise or get your hair wet until after the bond has set. You must allow time for it to cure before using oils or silicone (even conditioners and shampoos that contain silicone as a component). If your tape-in hair extensions slip in any way, simply smooth them back into place. They should feel secure when they are in place. Tape-ins require more maintenance than clip-ins, costing you more in the long term. They need to be moved up every six weeks to ten weeks with your natural hair growth, depending on how fast it grows and can cause irritation if you do not care for them properly.

Tips To Ensure Hair Extensions Last Long Time

Prepare your hair before you have tape-in extensions installed by using a sulfate-free shampoo. Don’t use any other hair care products besides a sulfate-free shampoo during the installation. And don’t use any chemical treatments—hair dyes, keratin treatments, etc.—on your hair at least 1 week before you get the best remy halo human hair extensions sew in installed.

After the installation, wait 72 hours before washing your hair to give the adhesive a chance to bond properly. When you do wash your hair, use only sulfate-free shampoo. After the initial wash, you may use a sulfate-free conditioner as well. Don’t use any sprays, treatments, or any other products directly on the tapes.

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