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Graphic Design blogs to inspire you.

Graphic Design blogs to inspire you.

Today, one of the best ways to get inspiration for your next job is to visit graphic design blogs. You will be able to meet the graphic designers and their projects, the challenges they faced and what they did to overcome them. Knowledge of the best graphic design blogs is a powerful strategy to learn and improve daily.

Currently, there is a wide variety of blogs that you should take into account.

Some of the best graphic design blogs

There are many specialties of interest that you can find in this type of blog. It is essential to identify those in which you want to deepen your knowledge and learn. Some of the most prominent blogs are the following:

1- Graphic

One of the references in the sector. Gràffica is the leading website dedicated to graphic design and visual culture in the US, being one of the most read websites in the world, especially in Spain and Latin America. It has an audience of more than 400,000 readers.

2- The Domestika Blog

In this blog, you have at your disposal what is surely the largest Spanish-speaking graphics design firm community. Therefore, it is important to visit it regularly as you will find many examples from different fields. Illustration, different types of projects, fun pieces of graphic humor.

Its design is very visual, so you won’t have any problems scrolling. They also offer content on typography or web design. Additionally, they put at your disposal different free tools.

3- Summa

If you are passionate about the world of branding, this is your blog. Communicating company brands to the target audience is not an easy task. For this reason, this website is one of the references for the sector. Likewise, managing the brand or design of a product with packaging is not easy. Therefore, it is the blog of the Summa agency.

4- Gaussian Approach


La Gauss’s blog on graphic design, editorial, web, motion and visual trends. A complete site to find inspiration. His articles are very practical and useful. It addresses numerous areas: graphic design, editorial, web, motion or typography. Without a doubt, an essential blog for graphic designers.

5- Brandemia

Another essential blog. Paraphrasing Descartes, his motto is “I think, the logo I am.” Reference website for all graphic designers obsessed with branding. The site frequently publishes success stories that provide in-depth insight into the work processes of graphic designers and agencies.

If you want to read more articles, click the online graphic design services here.

6-Smashing Magazine

It is a blog oriented to web design. Web design requires a perfect rapport between the graphic designer and the developer. For this reason, this blog offers you the possibility of interacting with other members of the international community. The content is very high quality and touches on code, UX and design issues. In addition, it has e-books, tutorials and opinion articles. Everything you need to grow.

7- Don’t touch my Helvetica

The very name of this blog already speaks for itself of the creativity you will find in it. Articles on advertising, graphic design, and marketing. Very varied and practical content addresses corporate identity, packaging, typography, illustration, audiovisual, photography, and web or editorial design. It also includes information about events or contests.

8-Eye Magazine

It is an international benchmark blog for graphic design and visual culture content. It has exhaustive publications, which inform and give opinions about trends in graphic design. In addition, it has a print version, a go-to publication for many graphic designers worldwide.

9- Old Skull

Blog about graphic design, photography, creativity and visual art. It offers a highly up-to-date view of the latest trends in graphic design. Its authors define themselves as followers of trends and fans of geek culture. Include a resources page where you can find free tools or fonts links.

10-I love Typography

A site dedicated exclusively to typography. You will find countless resources and information to master this very specific and complex area of ​​graphic design. An essential place for all graphic designers who want to master the difficult field of typography.

In conclusion, having the most interesting graphic design blogs located is a recommended strategy so that you can improve daily. You must continue to reinforce your knowledge. For this reason, at MavenUp Creative, we have all the resources you need. Through our master’s degrees and courses, you will acquire all the theoretical and practical knowledge for your professional career. On the other hand, our job bank is one of the best options for finding internships both in agencies and top-level studios. Request information and start improving your resume.

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