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Get the Word Out: How Digital Signage Can Help Your Business

Get the Word Out: How Digital Signage Can Help Your Business

Digital signage, also known as electronic display or information panels, are around for some time now. They can be used to provide public information, convey internal communication or share product information to enhance customer service, promotions and brand recognition. It’s a powerful way to influence customer behavior and decision-making that has become increasingly popular with today’s always-on consumers who have come to expect highly personalize experiences from businesses both small and large alike. Here are three ways you can use digital signage to help your business take the next step forward.

Public Information

Digital signage is a powerful way to influence customer behavior and decision-making. Share information with customers in a way that’s unobtrusive, customize and easy to update. Plus, it costs less than other marketing strategies like print ads or TV commercials. Some businesses use digital signage as a hub for social media—customers can interact with an in-store display by clicking on a Facebook Like button for coupon giveaway or other discounts and special offers. It’s also smart to make sure you’re compliant with local laws when it comes to display public information on screens—you don’t want your digital signage system getting you into trouble because you were running advertisement without proper permits!

Internal Communication for Digital Signage

If you’re launching a new product or service, digital signage can be used to notify employees of upcoming changes or to celebrate successful launches. It’s also a great way to share news with internal stakeholders and make sure they know what’s going on in your business. When utilize correctly, digital signage can even improve employee satisfaction through effective two-way communication. Show them how much you appreciate their work by highlighting staff achievements and recognizing individual contributions with company announcements. Digital signage is also an ideal platform for sharing safety alerts and instructions – any information that needs to reach a large number of people at once should be broadcast through digital signage systems.

Product Information

Digital signage is more than just signs. Digital sign software enables you to create graphic messages that can be view on electronic displays such as monitors and LCDs. A digital signage system is essentially a display, computer and software in one package that runs on both OS X and Windows platforms. You can use digital signage to show information about products, promotions or your company’s values and history. For example, if you run a coffee shop, digital signage might be used to share photos of delicious food items along with price lists, day-parting tips for making maximum profits (i.e., Latte Monday), upcoming events or recipes.

Enhancing Customer Service

If a store has a sale, digital signage is a great way to get customers in. For example, let’s say that Shoes-R-Us are holding a big summer sale where they’re reducing prices by 50%. They can send out an email blast with images of products that are on sale and include details like discount prices. Reduce shipping cost and any other relevant information. The email can be sent to registered customer as well as anyone who walk into their store. So even people who aren’t registered with them (and haven’t agreed to receive their emails) will still see it.

Promotions & Brand Recognition

Want to get your brand out there? Use digital signage to broadcast a message—even if it’s just promoting an upcoming sale or special event. You can also use digital sign to convey information about products, such as recipes and cooking instructions, nutritional facts and even health tips or exercise. Want your customers to try a new product? Display healthy recipes that feature your product and encourage them to incorporate it into their everyday meals. Need something done right away? Post quick video tips on how to do it, how not to do it and how often they should perform that task. For example, you could ask customers not place items in a certain part of the store; let them know they’ll be find if they break that rule more than three times.

Influencing Consumer Behavior Decision Making

Today consumers are more inform and empower than ever. They want to know everything about your products, from ingredients to safety claims. They don’t need big TV or print ad campaigns or flashy billboards anymore. What they do need is information at their fingertips about your brand and products, so that they can make informed decisions for themselves. That’s where digital signs comes in—it gives you a direct line to consumer decision-making with messages that can be customize based on location, time of day and weather conditions. With signage, you have full control over message but also an unparallel opportunity to adapt content based on consumer behavior data.

What are the types of digital signage?

There are two main types of digital signage. The first is a one-way communication, where a business may post rotating messages in stores to promote specific products or to share information about new sales or upcoming events. The second is a two-way communication, where business will use digital sign to gather customer feedback. This second type of sign often seen in restaurants. Allow diners to make reservations online while they’re seat. Lett customers order from their table and even pay for their meals on their smart phone. It’s just one way that restaurants can use digital signs effectively. On both sides of these interactions, it’s important for businesses. To ensure that their messaging and displays remain consistent with overall brand goals and values.

What is a digital signage device?

A digital signage device is any computer or mobile device with a network connection used to display a combination of video, graphics and text. You may be familiar with interactive kiosks that provide information at places like museums. But digital signage can also means screen that are mount in public spaces such as an airport or hotel lobby. When these devices are strategically place. They can effectively convey messages to large groups of people quickly and easily. What makes digital signage particularly appealing its relatively low cost compare to some other advertising methods. When you think about how much it costs for an advertisement in a magazine or on TV. For example, versus a simple LCD screen (and some networking equipment), it’s pretty clear which one is less expensive.


Studies show that digital sign can increase sales in stores by 25% and improve overall customer satisfaction scores by 11%. And  digital signage is a valuable communication tool to share internal messageS with staff. Broadcast safety instructions or simply update your customers on current promotions. It’s a simple technology that can use to boost productivity and effectiveness. If you’re looking for ways to take your business to new heights. You might consider investing in some cutting-edge signage solutions.

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