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Compared with the tried-and-true MBA, the Masters in Management, or MiM, is an extremely new degree. It may cause some people to hesitate about pursuing MiM because of this, but we are here to put that notion out of your head. Master of Management and MBA are in a tight race to the finish line.

People who do not have work experience for MBAs were encouraged to take up a Master in Management program to gain managerial skills and develop leadership skills. They both boast a lot of advantages as well as catering to different niches. This emerging degree remains a popular choice among prestigious colleges like London Business School, HEC Paris, ESCP Europe, and LSE.

A Master In Management Degree Has Many Advantages

Surely, you’re aware of how beneficial a Masters in Management degree can be if you’re considering it. It’s for your benefit to know what it’s all about!

  1. It’s Cheaper

The cost of MiM is reasonable because it is targeted at young, aspiring professionals just starting. Because an MBA is more popular, its tuition is expensive.

Here are a few examples:

  • The current MBA tuition at London Business School is $101,222 for the 18-, 21-, or 24-months program. In contrast, the MiM costs $40,354 for one year.
  • IE Business School, Spain costs about the same as these. There is a $78,300 fee for the international MBA and a $39,818 fee for the MiM.
  • There is a $64,350 fee for Michigan Ross’ MBA program if you are outside the state. MiM tuition, however, is $50,000.

That’s an incredible offer, isn’t it? In truth, it is!

  1. You Don’t Always Need A Gmat

Exams for competitive jobs are extremely difficult. A student whose focus is mostly on completing the college curriculum has a great deal of difficulty handling an extra test. However, what do you know? Perhaps the GMAT is not necessary for you. There are still some programs that do not require these scores since top schools compete fiercely. You shouldn’t submit a cold application, though! Your application must be outstanding!

  1. Recent Growth In Popularity

In 2019, 58% of MiM programs in Europe, where most are based, experienced increases in applications according to the Graduate Management Admission Council. The popularity of two-year full-time MBA programs is declining, with 43% of programs seeing growth in applications last year.

  1. Internationally Acclaimed

Internationally renowned, the MIM degree is available in every country. European countries offer the majority of options, opening up boundless possibilities for students.

Kenna, offering professional Help With Management Assignment, says, “Prague, Paris, Rome, and Germany are some of the places that many students visit when they want to experience the world. You will feel like you are on an extended vacation when studying in those countries. The internationally recognized degree allows students this opportunity to study abroad and to work with a variety of tutors.”

Conclusion: Minds Of YouthManagement Assignment

As Nita Ambani puts it, “Education is all about igniting young minds and developing their potential.”MiM aims to accomplish precisely this. Master of Management students generally possesses more work experience than their full-time MBA counterparts since the coursework does not require them to have certain years of experience.

Generally, students are between the ages of 20 and 27. An MBA student’s average age is 27 to 32 years old, which is a huge contrast. We will conclude with a discussion of ROI (Return on Investment). Those who attend MiM programs at these schools will benefit greatly from their investment!


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