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Funny Golf Pants, Polos, and Pullovers: How to Balance Fun and Functionality

Unlike other sports, you have the chance to wear bold, fun apparel out on the golf course. However, while golf gear should be funny, it should also be functional and fashionable. For instance, a high-performance pair of funny golf pants in a vibrant, stylish tartan pattern ticks all of those boxes. It’s about balancing irreverent fun and respect for golf’s storied history and traditions. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you gear up for the summer golf season.

Go Bold with Funny Golf Pants and Bottoms

If you want to stand out yet look right at home on practically any course, go with the pattern that started it all. Tartan patterns are an outstanding option for bottoms, particularly pants, for a few reasons. For one, they make for vibrantly eye-catching funny golf pants. Tartan prints also pay homage to golf’s ancient Scottish history, which stretches back to at least the mid-1400s. They also make for sharp, chic golf skirts. Other must-have golf bottoms include fun shorts for cooler days and recliner pants for lazy days.

Look for Stylish Golf Pullover and Polo Collections

No golf outfit is complete without the right funny golf pullover, polo, button down, or other shirt. Among the most convenient and useful golf tops is the pullover. That’s because a high-quality golf pullover is perfect for a quick layer of warmth. Furthermore, it’s stylish enough to look as snappy and appropriate in the clubhouse as it does on the course. A funny button down golf shirt is ideal for classing your look up a bit. Also, remember to include outerwear like a rain-repelling jacket to keep your dapper pullover dry.

Don’t Forget About Accessories and Drinkware

Of course, accessorizing is a must for any fully realized golf ‘fit. Some of those accessories are practical necessities for a safer, more comfortable golf experience. For instance, every golfer should have polarized sunglasses and a golf hat for sunny days. Hat options include a visor or baseball cap for shading your eyes. If you need even more shade, check out full-brimmed boonie hats and bucket hats.

That being said, a golf gadget belt might be the ultimate accessory. This essential piece of golf gear features a secret compartment in the belt buckle. Secreted in that compartment, you’ll find a combination divot tool/bottle opener and ball marker. Finally, you can’t forget about drinkware. Is the right drinkware for you a solid beer koozie selection? Maybe you prefer a golf-themed silicon shot glass that doubles as a tee. Regardless, be sure to keep a drinkware selection that speaks to you.

Keep Performance and Functionality in Mind

Finally, when looking around for the perfect golf gear, remember that golf is a sport. As a result, you should make a point to find appropriately high-performance golf apparel. There are a few key features of performance apparel to look for. Be sure that your next pair of funny golf pants or golf pullover features lightweight moisture-wicking fabric. Additionally, prioritize golf apparel that features four-way stretch fabric. Golf clothing should move with you, particularly through your swing and backswing. Lastly, remember that golf is a game, so it should be fun. So insist on ultra-comfortable golf gear that will help you keep your cool even at the bottom of the fifth sand trap of the day. Basically, if it’s comfortable enough to nap in, you’re good to go.

About William Murray Golf

Are you the sort of person who loves golf and can appreciate irreverent comedic genius? If so, you’ll love William Murray Golf. Legendary comic icons Bill Murray and his brothers created the premium golf apparel brand based on their approach to both golf and life—with humor, love, respect, and irreverence. The Murray brothers’ love of golf is a lifelong affair, beginning when they caddied in Chicago’s north suburbs as kids. Now they’re proud that William Murray Golf is there to revitalize the sport and disrupt any outdated, stuffy notions about golf. So, grab your clubs and tee up to high-performance and funny golf polos, their golf pullover line, an unforgettable collection of stylish and funny golf outfits, and so much more from William Murray Golf.

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