Fully Equipped Wholesale Magnetic Lock Boxes

Custom magnetic lock boxes are a great way to offer your high-end products the premium packaging they deserve. The ideal packaging will improve your business's standing in the marketplace.

Well-known, top-tier items are produced as a consequence of the commitment of time, money, and effort. With bespoke magnetic closing boxes, you may turn these efforts into satisfying money gains. 

Use traditional rigid packaging made of durable material, creative layouts, and magnetic clasps to give your ideal product a flawless appearance. Custom magnetic lock boxes are a well-liked choice in a variety of businesses that sell goods that need to be stored after purchase. These upscale and opulent boxes are used by businesses to flaunt both online and offline markets. Mobile phones, candles, cosmetics, fragrances, watches, and many other industries frequently use magnetic lock boxes.

What Are Magnetic Lock Boxes?

Wholesale magnetic lock boxes are the best choice for elegantly exhibiting your priceless possessions while also offering complete security from breakage and loss. Due to their magnetic closure, which prevents many things from falling out, these magnetic lock boxes are incredibly strong. The things that are wrapped in these boxes also have an opulent appearance.

Magnetic lock Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry that is expensive and delicate has to be housed in a luxury setting that complements its attractiveness. Because they look amazing and feel costly, magnetic lock boxes are a great choice for this type of packaging. These boxes are perfect for displaying or storing jewelry, whatever you like. The best choice for shielding your jewels from dust and damage is one of these specialized rigid boxes with a magnetic top closure. Utilize high-quality magnetic closures and sturdy, stiff stock. Improve the strength and longevity of magnetic lock boxes.

Types of Custom Magnetic Boxes

The popularity of custom magnetic lock boxes across a variety of industries has led to high demand for them. Give the boxes uniqueness by offering a range of options under this heading. Custom magnetic closure box types include:

  •     Assembled Magnetic Lock Boxes
  •     Magnetic lock Boxes with Ribbon
  •     Collapsible Magnetic Lock Boxes
  •     Custom Magnetic lock Boxes with Inserts

Assembled Magnetic Lock Boxes

Some customers want pre-assembled, non-stackable, non-foldable magnetic lock boxes. The ultimate location receives them in the completed form, which raises the cost of shipping and transport. However, folding them will ruin their appearance and embellishment. These crates don’t take up much room, either.

Magnetic lock Boxes with Ribbon

With one exception, these magnetic lock boxes are comparable to the other two variants. A ribbon is attach to the magnetic flap of the magnetic lock ribbon boxes. This ribbon serves as a custom rigid boxes closure and can be used in place of or in addition to magnets. Magnetic Ribbon boxes come in constructed and collapsible varieties.

Collapsible Magnetic Lock Boxes

These wholesale magnetic lock boxes are simple to fold without harming them or taking away from their beauty. They also occupy less space and have cheap shipping and transportation expenses. Additionally, they can facilitate storage without sacrificing available space, and the brand can employ them as necessary.

Custom Magnetic lock Boxes with Inserts

Inserted magnetic lock boxes are useful. These cushioning inserts are perfect for safeguarding and protecting your fragile objects. They also prevent the item from shifting and sustaining needless harm.

On this basis, advise form and silk inserts in plain-surfaced, rigid-cardboard, magnetic lock boxes. Every single insert is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint by reusing and using them frequently. If silk is not an option, there is always the more affordable option of paperboard.

Magnetic Lock Box Coating and Printing Options

Custom Foil Stamping

Custom foil-stamping and embossing give any name or brand a lot of flairs. This procedure, which involves pressing a metallic foil into the surface of the cigar-shaped box, is a perfect approach to balance a monochromatic background or keep the graphics uncluttered and understated while maintaining a luxurious presentation.

Soft touch / Silk Lamination

Soft touch/silk lamination offers a matte surface with a pleasant feel. The surface has a velvety texture akin to peach skin, giving any packing material an air of elegance.

  •     A velvety feel
  •     Water-resistant
  •     Suitable for specific finishes

Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coatings, which are water-base and popular for creating surfaces that dry quickly and feel soft to the touch, are an excellent eco-friendly coating option for a variety of packing materials.

  •     Dries rapidly
  •     resistant to scuffs and fingerprints
  •     Eco-friendly and reasonably priced

Spot UV Custom Print

Your magnetic lock box can have a sleek, contemporary style thanks to spotting UV Print. Spot UV is a liquid-based protective print coating that uses ultraviolet lamps to apply and cure. There is a very high gloss, hard finish left over after this treatment.  The pattern truly stands out thanks to the shiny polish on a dull surface.


We’ve summed it up by saying that magnetic lock boxes usually look fantastic. They have a hint of elegance about them. Everything on this planet is growing. Every industry needs wholesale magnetic lock boxes. These boxes outlast all others in terms of durability.  They are elegant containers used to contain, hold, display, and advertise all different kinds of products, from high-end to mid-range. These boxes have a tiny magnet at the front of the lid that allows for a high-end unboxing experience by quickly opening and closing the top.


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