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Frequently Asked Questions About Tubular Battery

Frequently Asked Questions About Tubular Battery

In many locations around the world, power failure has become extremely common. While outages can be a significant inconvenience for homes and businesses, they can also cause damage to the appliances and other devices that are connected to the primary power source.

This is why inverters have evolved into more than just a backup power supply and have become a crucial requirement. The demand for inverters and solar products in India has significantly increased over the years.

Inverter batteries come in two main categories, one of them is tubular Battery. Here are some of the common FAQs regarding Tubular Battery –

  1. What is Tubular Battery?

Compared to flat plate batteries, tubular batteries are lead-acid batteries that are much larger. Tubular batteries can be used in UPS and inverter systems. The tubular batteries have a positive plate nestled within a cloth-wrapped tube that holds the power of its electrodes.

2. What is the best battery for home inverters?

In order to generate maximum power for a long period and have a remarkable life span, Genus Battery is undeniably the best, it combines advanced technology with the finest materials in these lead acid tubular batteries. These batteries are particularly well-suited for running inverters and UPS.

3. What is the Life span of a Tubular Battery?

The life expectancy of a tubular battery is 4.5 years to 5 years or more, which is longer than that of flat plate batteries, which is 2.5 years to 3 years.

4. What is the tubular battery price?

Tubular battery price depends on several factors, like the company of your choice, capacity, and warranty. However, the cost of a tubular battery is 40% more than that of a flat plate battery. The price also differs if you purchase it online or from a wholesaler. So, choose wisely.

5. Why should you choose Tubular Battery?

Tubular batteries are more robust and suited for long-term power supply. They are significantly easier to operate and require less water refilling. Most importantly, they require low maintenance and high charge cycle and discharge rate.

In the past few decades, technology has dramatically altered our lives. The demand for solar products in India and inverters is rising due to a desire for a sustainable lifestyle.

Tubular Batteries are the ideal choice for your inverters at your home and workplace.

6. Does a tubular battery need distilled water?

Yes, if the electrolyte of the tubular battery is flooded, it requires distilled water regularly as part of the maintenance procedure; however, if the electrolyte is a gel, it is not required.

Both the type of electrodes and the electrolyte of a battery have an impact on the amount of maintenance it requires. Electrodes that are well-designed minimize the battery’s maintenance needs. However, electrolytes such as Gel type and AGM electrolytes eliminate the need for maintenance.

7. Is Tubular Battery safe?

The primary cause of lead-acid battery explosions is hydrogen, which is created when water is electrolyzed during charging. A flooded battery produces more hydrogen because its electrolyte is liquid, whereas a Gel and AGM battery produces little gas since its electrolyte is not liquid.

Although it is recommended to install them in open spaces with good ventilation, such as a balcony or close to the window, if there is an issue with the space at your residence, you can still maintain them in bedrooms with proper ventilation.

If you’re looking for a reliable and safe battery option for your inverter, chooseGenus tubular battery. They are the ideal match for all your needs.

8. What are the advantages of using a Tubular Battery?

Tubular batteries are intended to deliver high power for a wide range of applications. If we talk about reliability, they are the best in the business. They also feature better thermal management and longer charging life cycles.

It can resist extreme temperature variations and converts a high-voltage power surge into a modest voltage shift. It has a high life expectancy rate with minimal maintenance.

Now that you know everything and anything about tubular batteries, you can now choose an inverter that suits your business and home needs.

If you want a high-quality battery with a long lifespan, outstanding durability, and higher performance, Genus Innovation is the one to choose from. Connect with us to know more!

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