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Free Guide to Repair Outlook PST Files

If the PST file is too large, or if it becomes corrupted or damaged, Outlook will not function properly and may crash at inopportune times. In such cases, you will also be unable to access your emails and other data. To address and resolve such issues, you must first understand how to repair Outlook PST files.

Every year, tens of thousands of users purchase a Microsoft Office 365 subscription and use the various MS Office applications. People use Outlook to send and receive e-mails, other mailbox items, attachments, calendars, notes, and so on. All Outlook data associated with your account is saved in Personal Storage files, also known as PST files.

When there are no problems with the PST file, almost every version of Outlook works flawlessly. You can repair Outlook files for free or by purchasing a paid tool. In this article, we’ll go over how to repair Outlook PST files and deal with data loss in detail. With the simple Tool techniques to Repair Outlook PST.

Part 1: No Cost | Repair Outlook PST Files

PST files are the primary storage space for Outlook and contain all of the data for each individual user. Any type of damage to these files can result in the loss of important data, which can impede your work.

When there are issues with PST files, Outlook displays issues such as not responding or launching, large PST files, sending out spam emails, and so on. If you encounter a problem, act quickly to resolve it, or it may cause additional issues with Outlook 365 on your device.

Some Common Outlook Problems

Outlook is sending out spam e-mails.

A recent complaint from Windows 10 users has been the sending of unnecessary spam emails to your contacts. The precise cause is unknown, but it has something to do with corrupted PST files. Because of sending inappropriate spam emails to contacts, you may sever relationships or even lose business deals.

It takes a long time to load the screen.

When you click on the Outlook 365 icon, it either does not open at all or opens slowly and takes a long time to load the application. When a PST file contains a variety of data types, it can grow to be quite large. This reduces the speed of Outlook 365.

Outlook 365 freezes or does not respond.

Many users have reported that Outlook 365 hangs and becomes stuck on a single screen while in use. Sometimes the application simply closes, and you receive the message Outlook has stopped responding. Again, this is caused by corrupt PST files.

Outlook is Unable to Open Emails or Other Data.

Another issue with damaged PST files is that Outlook will be unable to open or access specific data within the PST file. If you use your Outlook account on multiple devices, you may not see every e-mail on all of them.

There are numerous reasons and causes for corrupt PST files, and you must overcome them in order to use Outlook properly. Microsoft understands that users have problems, so you can use the Inbox Repair Tool named Scanpst.exe to repair PST files for free. The steps for using this tool are as follows.

  • Look for the hidden scanpst.exe file.
  • Launch the Inbox Repair tool and navigate to the relevant PST file.

If the tool does not find the PST file in the default location, you can manually enter the file path to open it.

  • Begin scanning the PST file.

Once you’ve located the PST file, click Start to begin the scanning process. During this step, no changes or repairs are made to the file; instead, it simply scans the file. The scan has eight phases that can take a long time depending on the level of damage and the size of the PST file in question.

  • Examine the scanning report

When the scan and analysis are finished, you will be able to view a detailed report of the scan. Click on Details to learn more about the types of faults and errors that exist within the file’s data. When you are aware of the errors and other issues, the repair is simple.

  • Begin the Repair Procedure

Make a backup of the file, then click Repair to begin the repair process with the Inbox Repair tool. Again, the repair process is divided into eight stages and can take up to half an hour or more if the file size exceeds 4 GB.

When the process is complete, you will see a Repair Complete prompt and can now press OK. When the PST file is repaired, you will have access to the data contained within it, and Outlook 365 will function more efficiently and quickly as a result.

Outlook Repair Tool is a Program that can Repair Outlook.

If the PST file contains errors, Outlook will not function properly. If you are looking for a free Outlook PST repair tool, Recovery is the tool for you. It aids in the recovery of e-mails, attachments, tasks, notes, and so on. You can even preview the data contained within the PST file before repairing and saving it.

Stellar will assist you whenever you encounter problems while using Outlook. This tool can also repair large PST files larger than 4 GB. Here are the steps for installing and using Outlook PST Repair.


The data and content of your Outlook account are stored in PST files. All emails, attachments, and other data are kept here. OST files are simply offline copies of online Outlook data. When there is a problem with PST files and users need to repair Outlook PST files, they face a variety of problems.

If you want Outlook to work properly, you must repair the PST and OST files. To easily scan and repair PST files, use a dependable tool like PST Recovery. You can recover all of the data contained within the PST file and save it in a new location. In the preceding article, we looked at various methods for repairing both OST and PST files.

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