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Four Troubleshooting Techniques for the QuickBooks Not Opening Issue

Four Troubleshooting Techniques for the QuickBooks Not Opening Issue

QuickBooks provides you with all the requisite yet business expanding features, which aid you in Maintaining the accounts for your firm, carrying out important transactions, securing all the crucial data, bookkeeping, Issuing invoices, Paycheck for the employees, and primarily in maintaining and carrying out all the tasks affiliated with the financial arena of the company. Regardless of all the Aiding assets that the software offers, it occasionally procures Some technical glitches, and one such glitch is the QuickBooks not opening. While this error persists, users cannot access the application or its components despite multiple attempts. You can quickly eradicate this error by implementing a few measures in this blog. Furthermore, we have also mentioned some symptoms and the rationales for this error.

QuickBooks not opening is a severe technical issue that can turn irrecoverable if the troubleshooting is not done correctly. Therefore, we recommend you get in touch with the official team of QuickBooks troubleshooting professionals at ‘1-855-856-0042.’

Symptoms for the QuickBooks not opening issue

Can’t open the QuickBooks software, and you are confused regarding the exact Analysis of this issue? The below-given points might give you assurance regarding all your doubts.

  • Whenever you try to launch the QuickBooks software, it wouldn’t open and might show up an error notification as well.
  • Other applications operating on the system may crash.
  • The workstation repeatedly freezes while you try to access the QuickBooks software.
  • Your server’s Response time increases along with the loading time of the applications.
  • In some cases, you are not able to access the company file as well.

These are some prominent signs and symptoms you will witness if your QuickBooks desktop doesn’t start.

Factors that trigger the QuickBooks not opening issue

Since you cannot launch the application, the origin of the problem may lie Either in the configuration of the QB application or Microsoft Windows. Let us learn more about the causes by referring to the points given below.

  • The company name you inserted may be more lengthy than required.
  • Many folders are essential for QuickBooks to function, and even a bit of error with those files can result in such issues.
  • The hosting of the QB application was proper due to the partial or corrupted installation of the software.
  • Maybe an issue with the QBWUSER.INI file can result in the QuickBooks 2020 won’t open problem.
  • The workstation you are employing might have updated versions of the necessary components.
  • Security applications are obstructing the communication pathway between the system and QuickBooks.
  • If you can’t open the QuickBooks desktop app, then another possibility behind this error is that many necessary files may be missing or damaged.

These were some apparent reasons for the error. Based on these reasons, we have curated some effective troubleshooting methods.

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Solutions for the QuickBooks not opening issue

Based on the analysis of the whole problem and the report generated by our skillful experts, We have elaborated and mentioned some effective troubleshooting solutions that you can quickly use to terminate this error. There are some obligatory factors that you need to imply before proceeding with the troubleshooting. Firstly, the QuickBooks application you are employing must be upgraded to its latest release. Secondly, Use QuickBooks in admin mode and set Internet Explorer as your default browser. You must also clear out all the junk files and folders and keep a backup of the company file.

Resolution 1: Shut down the ‘QBW32.exe process.’

If the unnecessary processes are functional in the system, then it can halt other necessary operations, and hence we will disable the QBW32.exe function.

  • Go to the ‘Windows Task-bar’ and tap on ‘task manager.’
  • Select the ‘process tab’ followed by selecting the ‘Image Name’ & arrange all the processes alphabetically.
  • Tap on ‘exe’ & lastly, select ‘End Process’ to disable the ‘exe process.’

Solution 2:  Alter the name of QBWUSER.ini. file

Incorrect file names can result in technical glitches such as QuickBooks desktop won’t open one. You will fix the file name to regain access to the company file on QuickBooks.

  • Go to the folder where the company file is situated and locate the QBWUSER.ini.file.
  • Tap on ‘rename’ followed by inserting the ‘.old’ extension at the end of the file names.
  • Likewise, change the name of the ‘ecml’ file.
  • Lock all the changes and restart the system, then try opening the QB Application.

Solution 3: Stop QuickBooks From automatically opening the Company File.

Whenever you try to launch the QuickBooks application, you simultaneously also open the company file. We need to restrict this process to access only the QB application.

  • From the ‘start’ menu, locate & right-click the QuickBooks Application by simultaneously holding the ‘Ctrl’ key.
  • Tap on ‘open’ then on ‘Ctrl Key’ again.
  • You’ll see a ‘No Company Open’ Window.
  • Repeat the process until you see that, or move to the following resolution.

Solution 4: Fix the Installation of the QuickBooks Desktop

Let QuickBooks automatically diagnose & settle the issues by implementing the below steps.

  • Select the ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ keys & head towards the ‘task manager.’
  • Next, select the ‘process tab’ followed by the ‘QuickBooks Processes.’
  • Finally, click on ‘end processes’ and select ‘end all processes.’
  • Tap on ‘repair QuickBooks’ & restart the workstation.

QuickBooks not opening issue would be abolished after implementing the four robust solutions listed in this blog. In case of the persistence of this error, you must immediately contact QuickBooks certified technicians at ‘1-855-856-0042.


Hi, I am Allan Ramsay, a professional Data recovery Engineer, working with Quickbooks Pro Advisors as a consultant from the past five years in the USA. I am a specialized and trained Cloud consultant who helps a small and medium-sized entrepreneur to track & manage their company file and a database online at any time from anywhere. Contact me at +1-855-856-0042 for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting support and troubleshooting.

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