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Four tips to help you protect your skin from UV radiation?

One of the hazards of living in a hot temperate zone, that’s near to the equator happens to be the fact that you can get sunburnt easily. That’s just for starters; as for the rest, more exposure to UVA and UVB radiation can even cause blindness as well as various forms of skin conditions, along with skin cancer. 

As the CDC had noted in its brief, most people living in hot, temperate zones and close to the equator need to take adequate protection to protect themselves as well as their families from UV radiation.

While you can treat a sunburn easily, apart from the discomfort it may cause you to experience, you cannot say the same about skin cancer, can you? And that’s why you need to check out the rest of the post on how better to protect both yourself and your family from UV radiation.

Keep the season in mind

If it happens to be peak summer, then it would be advisable to avoid directly exposing yourself to sunlight for long periods. And before you think that maybe I need to head over to the parlor for a long session on the tanning bed, you need to understand that the tanning bed utilizes even higher doses of UV radiation to tan your skin. If you’re serious about protecting your skin, it is best to stay indoors, especially from morning 10 am to evening 4 am.

This is why it makes sense to go for outdoor screens, since they tend to come in various shapes, sizes along with motorized control options that you can adjust as per your preference. You can get one installed on your front yard, and get the requisite shade you need, along with ventilation. Granted that it may not be the best solution but until the scientists can find a permanent cure to UV radiation, this is one of the ways that you can effectively protect your whole family from being burnt to a crisp.

Check the UV index

Living in a hot zone comes with its unique challenges and that’s why you need to check with the local authorities for more information regarding UV radiation and current UV levels. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA have a UV index that its citizens can easily access. Check-in with the authorities regarding this and find out more about the current UV levels and if it is safe enough for you to head out shirtless or whether you need to have your sunscreen lotion handy. 

Wear adequate clothing

Given the UV radiation, it would be advisable to wear a shirt with long sleeves and a skirt that nearly reaches your ankles. Granted it may not do much for your looks as you head out to the local shop or the doctors, but the point being is that you would be well protected against any strong UV radiation and from skin cancer as well. And of course, pants are even better which just underscores the fact you may want to go for darker colors since they tend to offer you more protection from UV radiation rather than beige or tan-colored clothes. 

Use sunscreen

For obvious reasons, it would be highly advisable to keep the sunscreen handy and to use it regularly especially during peak summer. Just remember that sunscreen can help prevent certain types of UV radiation but it tends to filter out the rest. And that’s why you need to avoid spending long hours in direct sunlight, as much as possible, even with sunscreen on.

These are a few measures that you can take to better protect yourself and your family from UV radiation.

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