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FALL GUYS (or Fall guys: Ultimate knockout) is a platform battle royale game. This game is fun and for people of all ages. Fall guys draw inspiration from gameshows like Takeshi’s castle or Wipeout and playground games like tag and British Bulldog.

The game was launched in August 2020 by Devolver Digital for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.


  1. Season in FALL GUYS

Fall Guys regularly host new seasons about every 2 to 4 months, hosting a new theme and additional content each season. Below are the seasons that have been released.


           2.1. Season 1: Ultimate knockout

  • Time: 8th August 2020 – 7th October 2020  
  • Description: The first season, drew inspiration from game shows such as Takeshi’s Castle, It’s a Knockout and Wipeout.       

          2.2. Season 2: Medieval Knockout     

  • Time: 8 October 2020 – 14 December 2020
  • Description: Medieval-themed, including 5 medieval rounds, cosmetics, and the ability to alter nicknames and flags.

2.3. Season 3: Winter Knockout

  • Time: 15 December 2020 – 21 March 2021
  • Description: 7 winter-themed rounds, 8 winter obstacles, cosmetics, crown ranks, and new shows are all included in this event.

2.4. Season 4: Fall Guys 4041

  • Time: 22 March 2021 – 20 July 2021
  • Description: Retro-themed futuristic game includes nine futuristic theme rounds, cosmetics, a squad mode, Crown Shards, and daily challenges. It also raises the season pass’s level cap from 40 to 50.

2.5. Season 5:Jungle Adventure

  • Time: 20 July 2021 – 29 November 2021
  • Description: The theme is Jungle Adventure, which includes 6 Jungle-themed rounds, a Duos and Trios mode, events, and cosmetics.

2.6. Season 6: Party Spectacular

  • Time:30 November 2021 – 21 June 2022
  • Description: Party and circus-themed features six rounds with a circus or party theme, cosmetics, the opportunity to link an Epic Games Account to allow cross-platform progression between PS4 and Steam, the possibility for PC users to use unique names, the game mode “Sweet Thieves,” lobbying and friend lists.


2.7. Season 1: Free For All

  • Time: 21 June 2022 – Ongoing
  • Description: 7 new rounds and new cosmetics with a stadium and sports theme. Seasons have been reset to Season 1, the game is now free to play, crowns are no longer used as currency, Show Bucks, the in-game shop has changed, and Kudos can no longer be used to buy costumes or anything that isn’t a common rarity. There are now weekly/marathon challenges in addition to daily challenges, and both a paid and a free season pass is available.
  1. How to play FALL GUYS?

3.1. What platform are FALL GUYS available for?

Currently, Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4. (via Steam). Versions for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and even mobile devices are in the works, but nothing is official just yet.

3.2. How to play FALL GUYS?

FALL GUYS allows up to 60 players in a match held in the style of battle royale. The players are represented as beans, moving in a 3-dimensional space. In each round, the number of players will compete with each other to survive. Players who are slow or do not complete the game’s requirements will be disqualified. Towards the last round, the remaining players will play a random game to find the winner.

  • On the computer use FALL GUYS to play, press A,D to move, and SPACE  to jump.
  • On the phone useFALL GUYS and rotate the screen to play.

3.3. Kudos

Kudos is the in-game currency. You can use kudos to buy items such as clothes, expressions, nameplates, and colors for your character. Players will receive kudos when they complete the daily quest. And get the Crown for winning a match.


  1. Tips to play FALL GUYS better

4.1. Jumps

A well-timed jump can help you move forward in a crowd, get away from the newcomer who is following you, or cross the finish line milliseconds before you would otherwise be disqualified.

4.2. Grab.

Grabbing is an important skill to cross walls and fences. You can also take other players to counter their rise. can even help you get their tails in some game modes.

If another player grabs you while you’re grabbing them, you’ll earn an accomplishment for “hugging” them.

4.3. Learn to dive

You can go ahead in the air by diving. It’s easy. You’ll be able to do far longer jumps in place of short ones, allowing you to traverse gaps that a short jump just cannot. When you dive, you’ll gain speed while in the air, but after you hit the ground, you’ll have to struggle to get to your feet.

4.4. Sometimes, it is not a race.

Except for those times when it’s not, getting ahead of the pack is usually a good thing. Some of the games and races you’ll encounter demand you to determine a safe path, and in those cases, it’s always best to let someone else figure out what that road is. Though entirely unnecessary, winning first place is wonderful. The same is true if you fall too far behind in a race and have to work hard to catch up.

4.5. Follow the crowd.

We spoke about that clear path, and it’s critical to repeatedly commit that path to memory. Following someone else could be a smart move if you’re performing on a new stage. It’s probably a good idea to follow a player’s strategy if you observe them navigating every challenge and moving forward.

4.6. Defensive maneuvers

It can be tempting to rush straight to the goal when playing a team game, but many of these games also demand that you protect your base. Avoid letting the opposing team invade your base and steal all of your points when pandemonium is erupting. As crucial as striking their base is this.

4.7. Do not jump up.

In Fall Guys, as you leap, you will be propelled off the ground parallel to the floor’s slope. On level ground, you will rise straight up; but, on an inclined surface, you will be pushed away from the floor’s angle. This means that if you leap while going up a little hill, the hill will push you away from it and slow you down. On the other hand, it also implies that jumping while moving downward actually increases your speed, but it can also make you quite unstable, especially if several other players are vying for the same spot as you. Jumping while traveling downhill is worthwhile as long as you don’t lose your balance.

4.8. Skip the stage

Almost every stage features a sneaky skip you can use to go in front of other players. You should observe other players and perhaps even a few YouTube videos to understand where you can skip each stage because they are all different for each one, and we have more Fall Guys stage hints to aid you along.

4.9. Kudos at no cost

Although you can, you really shouldn’t buy Kudos. After a few hours of playing the game with friends, you’ll start to accumulate Kudos, negating the need to purchase it. Yes, it may be a quick and easy way to purchase a new cosmetic, but you may earn them entirely by playing, so there is no immediate need to part with your hard-earned cash.

  1. Conclusion

FALL GUYS: ULTIMATE KNOCKOUT is a fun and safe game for all ages. The game has no in-game dialogue so it will be a safe space for children to entertain. The attraction of FALL GUYS is reflected in the number of 1.5 million players after only 24 hours of release. If you are looking for a fun game that can be enjoyed by the whole family then FALL GUYS is the best choice.


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