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Essays That Can Help Students Achieve A+ Grade

How Can Students Write A+ College Essays in a Short Period?

Most students who look for the best essay help don’t have enough time left for submission. Therefore, they don’t have the option to write their essay. Their deadline is just a few days away. Understandably, most will rush through their work to meet it. Ultimately, they end up ruining their essay quality and scoring badly.

Our UK coursework help experts have been helping students with academic writing for many years. Hence, they know what mistakes an average student makes while writing essays and how they can be more productive. So, in this post, we’ll discuss tips for turning in well-written essays, dissertations, and coursework on time.

16 Tips to Write Essays Efficiently

Here are some tips for writing high-scoring essays quickly:

1.      Have the Right Mind-Set

It doesn’t matter how good or bad your grades were previously. Don’t let your past performances predict how well you’ll do in writing an essay in the present! What’s more, panicking won’t do you any good if your deadline is too close for comfort. It’ll only make you rush your work. So, be optimistic instead of being stressed and negative about submitting your essay on time. Adopting a “can-do” attitude will help you write an excellent essay and turn it in before the due date. Motivation is key!

2.      Brainstorm Your Ideas

Before writing your essay or researching the topic, you should brainstorm your ideas or arguments first. Without it and creating an outline, you won’t be able to write your essay efficiently. An outline also helps you structure your essay better. So, write your topic on paper and jot down related ideas and arguments. Then, come up with the sections you wish to include. Then, create an outline consisting of different parts and write down important points below every section.

3.      Choose Your Topic Carefully

(If your professor is doing the assigning of topics, skip this step)

Not choosing the right topic might be one of the most important reasons you cannot write high-scoring essays. Students can overcomplicate their work by picking a topic they have no clue about. Thus, the time they should’ve invested in writing goes into researching. It’s best to choose topics familiar to you. Writing and researching become much easier when you already have some background knowledge.

4.      Turn Your Thesis Statement into a Question

After picking the topic, write the thesis statement of your essay. It contains the central argument or idea of your essay. To write an impactful thesis statement, you should ensure conciseness. It should be just 1-2 sentences long. Also, it should be located at the end of your introductory section. If you check out high-scoring essays, you’ll see that the writer has turned the central idea of their thesis into a question. Doing the same will give your research a proper direction and allow you to extract relevant and valuable information.

5.      Keep Your Books and Notes Nearby

If you’re not productive, you won’t be able to finish your essay on time. Students often don’t keep all of their books and notes with them while studying. They then waste time finding the reference material they need at various points. You should avoid such unnecessary breaks as much as you can. Gather all books and notes where you’re studying, and make sure you don’t get up without making considerable progress. If you feel hungry or thirsty, keep a bottle of water and some snacks with you.

6.      Type Your Essay Directly Into the Document

Writing your essay on paper before typing it is a waste of energy and effort. Typing is faster, and you’ll also be able to proofread your work in real time. Hence, there’s no need to go for the extra step. Instead of writing drafts in your notebook, write them on your PC. Doing this will save time, effort, and, most importantly, paper.

7.      Write the Body Paragraphs First

Students who perform well have a secret technique to start and end their essays perfectly. In other words, they don’t write the introduction first, then the body paragraphs, and the conclusion at the end. That’s because intelligent students choose a different approach. Instead, they write the body paragraphs and keep the introduction and conclusion for later. Body paragraphs might be lengthy, but writing an excellent introduction and conclusion is harder. Hence, by keeping the complex and shortest parts of your essay for later, you can finish your work quickly.

8.      Proofread Your Work While Writing

Keep reading the content of your essay while writing it. You might be making multiple accidental errors along the way. Hence, proofreading your essay while writing it can save you from many mistakes. Alternatively, if you don’t have enough time or want to keep writing in full flow, highlight the errors as you discover them. Then return and edit your essay later.

9.      Avoid Plagiarism

Copying someone’s work is against academic ethics. After you turn in your essay, your professor will run it through plagiarism-checking software. If they find copied content in your essay, you can suffer severe consequences like rejection or score deduction. Therefore, you should extract information from reliable sources and cite them properly. Also, you can’t get away with rewording someone’s statement. You’ll have to cite it as well.

10.  Note Down the References

If you’re compiling your references after completing your essay, you might forget to add a few sources. Likewise, before turning in an essay, students can forget to cite a few extracted pieces of information—ones they thought to get to later. So, create a separate document and keep adding references to it while researching or writing. Also, follow the referencing and citation style recommended by your professor.

11.  Don’t Fill Your Content with Quotes

Adding a couple of quotes to your essay is fine. But, filling your essay with quotes to make up for the word count is not the right thing to do. Additionally, try to use one-liners. Moreover, explain the context of each quote you add and relate it to the topic sentence or thesis statement.

12.  Take a Break

You can take a break when you have been writing for multiple hours and are exhausted. However, if you’re running out of time, we only recommend intervals and only if you’ve made considerable progress. While taking a break, you should avoid activities like watching movies/shows or playing videos. Instead, listen to music for a few minutes and relax. After your break, you’ll be fresh and ready to work again.

13.  Use Google to Clear Your Misconceptions

No matter how familiar you’re with the topic, there will be terms and concepts you might not know about. In such cases, a quick Google search can clear your misconceptions. Also, if you find an interesting fact or statistic, add and cite it to your draft.

14.  Stay Hydrated

Having enough water is essential for the proper functioning of your brain. While writing essays, being creative is also necessary. But, if you are dehydrated, you won’t be able to think properly. Moreover, you’ll be more tired and sleepy. If you don’t want to get up to drink water from the dispenser, fill up a bottle and keep it with you.

15.  Put on Some Music

Music can help you focus on work. However, you should be careful about song selection. Listening to high-volume and intense music will hinder your focus while studying. Instead, go for soft and instrumental tracks. Also, keep the volume low to allow your brain to work better.

16.  Proofread Your Work One Last Time before Sending

After completing the final draft, proofread your essay one last time. There might be some mistakes in your content. Professors expect flawless work. If they find errors, they will have no option but to deduct your score, no matter how hard you’ve worked. So, it’s better to scan your essay for mistakes or hire online assignment writers to do the job.


Sometimes, despite knowing everything, students cannot score well in their coursework. If you’re going through a similar situation, you need the assistance of an expert for essay help.

At British Assignment Writers, we ensure you score the best possible grades. So, we help with dissertation(s), essays, and assignments. Our team of writers is experienced enough to write impeccable essays. They will help you turn in work on time, no matter how short your deadlines are. Time’s running out; buy the best essay help today!


Dr Robert knows how to clarify even the most complex topics. He is a marvellous academic writer who has 15 years of industry experience. His work is so perfect because he cares about even the most minor details. He specialises in British history. Students love working with Dr Robert because he's so knowledgeable and explains everything in an easily understandable manner. He's one of our best-performing writers as well. Dr Robert also loves to write informative articles for students to help them score better.

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