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Equity Research vs. Credit Research – Know the difference

Equity Research vs. Credit Research – Know the difference

You require equity research firms to understand stocks and stock markets, while credit research outsourcing solutions help you in the investment analysis of credit and bond markets. Therefore, both research techniques and skill sets vary in several ways, and this post will discuss the difference between the scope of equity research and credit research. 

Credit Research vs. Equity Research

1| What Is Equity Research?

Equity research firms determine a stock exchange-listed corporation’s valuation and future growth potential. Therefore, investors, fund managers, and business owners get a transparent assessment of their stock market dynamics. 

Competition statistics are also integral to equity researchers while analyzing its financial statements to indicate its historical performance. So, investors can be more confident about their stock screening.

Financial modeling at equity research firms calculates fair prices seamlessly. They also manage to solve the information gap between buyers and sellers. Primarily, equity research involves the share price evaluation of a registered company.

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2| What Is Credit Research?

Credit research solutions emphasize interest rates and bonds. However, there is a difference between equity research and credit research due to their technical uniqueness. Furthermore, they serve different types of investment research outsourcing models. 

Rivalry and bargaining power are two essential elements of credit research. Moreover, credit researchers must monitor threats like substitute products, new businesses, and new product launches by contemporary players and peers in the industry. 

Issuer’s credit analysis and financial statement insights are valuable to a credit researcher. Also, financial flexibility matters greatly since debentures and bonds are liquid products. Besides, company ratings, net debt, and gross earnings data improve the quality of credit research and analytics. 

Skills in Credit Research vs. Equity Research

1| Skillset for Careers in Equity Research Firms

A bachelor’s degree in economics, risk management, finance, or asset management is a prerequisite in equity research job descriptions. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification can benefit the candidates, and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification increases the probability of candidate selection. 

Strong analytical aptitude and familiarity with valuation modeling can help you secure an advantageous position at one of the reputable equity research firms. After all, Glassdoor found that an equity research analyst could earn $1,13,110 per year in their September 2022 review.

You want exceptional command over Microsoft Excel and mathematical techniques. Professional report writing and communication attitudes are also crucial in this field. You must know how to use Bloomberg Plus. 

2| Skillset in Credit Research

Financial degrees with a strong understanding of MBA concepts make it possible for you to get a job at credit research firms. Credit appraisal skills are handy when performing your daily activities as a credit researcher. 

You want to build negotiation and observation skills to succeed in credit research jobs. Primarily, you will identify the problem loans and the risk dynamics related to debt. Therefore, you want to learn how to create and utilize credit risk models.

Loan portfolio analysis is a remarkable difference between equity research firms and credit research solutions. Also, interest rates and their factors must be present in your reports. Often, concentrate on strict compliance with financial accounting principles throughout your duties. 

What to Choose?

Equity Research

For those interested in finance and the market, being an analyst may sound like their ideal career. It is a difficult job, though. You should think about this career if you are prepared to work for the majority of your life in an environment filled with numerous problems. It offers you incredible chances for professional and financial advancement, as well as fantastic exit strategies.

Credit Research

This position is for you if you’re willing to work in a demanding environment, play with business data and numbers, make decisions, forecast interest rates, and offer advice. Always keep in mind that this is not a simple or light-duty job. It’s a hard position that requires


We have compared the scope, characteristics, and skills of credit research vs. equity research to explore the difference between the scope of equity research and credit research firms. If corporations want to streamline their investment strategies, investment research outsourcing can help them with both operations.

Equity research focuses on stocks, whereas credit researchers provide outsourcing investment advisory after credit-related modeling assessments. Employees knowledgeable about these services are often in demand. Still, selecting the top talent is complex, and you require reliable assistance to redistribute your operational liabilities. 

SG Analytics, a leader in investment research outsourcing, supports organizations and investors with comprehensive insights into all financial instruments. Contact us today to leverage our advanced data processing capabilities for resilient investment strategies. 

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