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Employment Reference Letter Writing Tips For ACS RPL Report

Employment Reference Letter Writing Tips For ACS RPL Report

No matter how well the ACS RPL report you have prepared, it is incomplete with an effective employment reference letter. Therefore, you must pay heed to the importance of a reference letter.

An employment reference letter is a written document. It includes the entire details of your work, skills, and experience. In short, it is a medium to show your IT competency to do particular tasks.

So, for a successful assessment, you must have an influential and convincing employment reference letter.

Key points to remember when preparing a reference letter:

  1. Your work experience has to be at a professional IT level. Besides that, it must be relevant to the chosen occupation (ANZSCO) to be considered suitable. So, keep this in mind for a positive RPL Australian Computer Society skills assessment.
  2. It’s a must for you to have a sufficient amount of work experience before applying. ACS has set some criteria for work experience.
  3. Work experience before fulfilling the skill level requirement is not considered as skilled employees and not eligible for migration points. In this case, your RPL will have an assessment of ‘not suitable due to lack of work experience.
  4. Do mention the start and end dates of each employee in a DD/MM/YY format in your reference letter. If the employment is ‘Current’, state the term ‘to date and include the date when the reference was written.
  5. Include as many employment tasks as possible in the letter. However, ensure that those tasks are relevant to your nominated occupation. At least 65% of the duties in the latter must be relevant to the chosen occupation (ANZSCO). If it doesn’t happen, the authority will assess the letter as ‘not suitable due to lack of information.

Some more Employment Reference Letter for ACS RPL Report

  1. If your work experience is a part of a qualification, it will not have consideration for skilled employment. As a matter of fact, it will be reported as ‘Concurrent Employment.
  2. At least, 20 hours per week is considered a full-time job. So, if including a full or part-time job in the reference, fulfill the criteria. Besides that, mention the worked hours clearly in the reference letter.
  3. All references must have specific information from your employer about your duties and skills used to do the job. If your references are without these details, they will be assessed as ‘Not suitable due to lack of information. It will result in a negative ACS RPL report assessment.
  4. Write the name of the country where you worked. If having worked in multiple countries for one company, your reference letter must show it. The employer reference letter must be with the specific dates and corresponding locations where you worked.
  5. Your employer must sign your employment reference letter. Besides them, any authorized person from your employer can also do this. The name, position, and contact details of the person making the referral must be included.
  6. An authorized notary must certify your reference letter as a valid copy. Remember only the certified copy of the letter goes for consideration for the RPL ACS Australia skill assessment.
  7. You must include your actual work experience in this letter. Don’t copy from other resources, as it may result in a negative ACS RPL report assessment.
  8. Remember that an employment reference Letter is evidence of your IT competency. So, be more specific to the chosen occupation, and explain your duties and responsibilities. Another thing to remember is here is to highlight your strong areas.

 3 Expert-given tips to write your employment reference letter:

Follow the below-given tips to write an excellent reference letter for a positive assessment:

  1. List the things you need to write about your job experiences. Here, don’t use content from online sources, as it may lead to plagiarism. As per the ANZSCO code, your work experience must be professional and relevant to the nominated occupation.
  2. Before the submission of your RPL report, earn sufficient work experience to fulfill the skill level criteria. Only those satisfying the skill level requirements are eligible for migration points. Another thing you must do is to mention your work details and the tasks you performed. Besides that, highlight your competency areas for a positive RPL ACS IT skill assessment.
  3. As said above, you need to have a verified reference letter. It must be signed by either your employer or any authorized personnel of your organization. Don’t use a fake signature, as it will definitely lead to a negative ACS RPL report assessment.



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