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Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed On Website – 5 Tools You Can Use

Brands use hashtags to make the content more discoverable by categorizing it. Hashtags enhance the reach of your content by expanding it to a large base of targeted audience. Hashtags are great to make people connect with you better and build an online community.

Instagram hashtags give you a way to label your posts. It attracts users and creates an urge to contribute content to the same. It generates more followers on the social media account, gets more likes, and comments on the Instagram post with a hashtag. Instagram hashtag feed is the aggregation of all sorts of content available on Instagram attached to a specific hashtag. 

Now, you have an idea that Instagram hashtags feed is crucial. Do you know you can add this hashtag feed to your website? Yes, you read it right! Want to identify more information about it? Keep reading.

5 Tools To Embed Instagram Hashtags Feed On Your Website 

1. Taggbox Widget

Follow three simple steps to embed Instagram hashtag feed on website with the Taggbox widget. First, create your Instagram widget feed. Second, generate the embed code for this Instagram feed. The final step is to embed the hashtag feed on the website. 

You need to sign up/login into the Taggbox widget account to create the feed. Add social feed on the dashboard by selecting Instagram as a source. Select your hashtag by providing your login credentials.

Select embed on the webpage from the publish section to generate the embed code. Then, you need to select the website platform. As you get the code, copy it, and paste it on the website in a section you want. Do not forget to save the changes.

2. Instagram Official Embedding 

Instagram itself offers a platform too. You can use it to embed the Instagram feed on your website. It is a trusted tool to embed the Instagram hashtag feed. The Instagram plugin offered by the platform is effective in use. 

Instagram plugins are helpful to embed Instagram photos relevant to particular hashtags on the brand or business website. It allows customization of themes and layouts with which you can experiment to make the feed as you want it.

It is the most convenient way to embed the hashtag Instagram feed directly from the platform. Click the three dots on the upper right corner of your post, copy the embed code given, and paste it on your website. You need to paste this code in the section where you wish to embed the hashtag post. 

3. Tagembed 

This tool does not ask for any technical skills to create and embed the Instagram hashtag feed on the website. It is user-friendly and allows you to complete embedding the hashtag feed in easy steps. 

The steps to create the Instagram hashtag feed with Tagembed include collection and curation of the content., customization and moderation, and copy-paste the embed code on your website to embed the feed. 

Tagembed offers you a glitch-free experience and a responsive user interface to create your Instagram hashtag feed. All because of a high loading speed and an active support team. 

4. Flockler 

Aggregating content with Flockler from Instagram regarding a hashtag is a seamless experience. Flockler offers you to unlock four types of widget layouts to embed Instagram hashtag feed. These layouts include an Instagram wall, a slideshow, an Instagram grid, and a carousel. 

Flockler allows you to moderate the collected content before finally publishing the Instagram hashtag feed on your website. 

You need to follow three steps to embed the Instagram hashtag feed on your website with Flockler. These include creating the Instagram feed, getting the embed code and pasting it, and at last, moderating it according to your wish. Flockler gives you the option to show new entries automatically in the feed.

5. Snapwidget 

This tool helps you search content for your Instagram feed with particular hashtags and usernames. Snapwidget allows customizing the content to set up the required Instagram hashtag feed. 

You can choose to design the hashtag feed in a grid, a photo map, or a slideshow. With this tool, you can easily create the feed and upload it. It provides you with an HTML code that you need to copy and paste on the website. 

If you want to make your Instagram hashtag feed look stylish, Snapwidget helps! 

Let’s Wrap Up!

To boost up your reach, have you used any Instagram hashtags yet? If not, try it and let the users create content relevant to it. Once you have enough social media content around your hashtags, create the Instagram hashtag feed using one of the tools above. 

Using any of the tools listed in the blog will give you a fresh experience. The decision to choose one of these is up to you!

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