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Electric Projector Screen Controls – Add a Wow-factor by Triggering Your Screen Automatically

A switch is included with your electric projector screen, allowing you to control it. However, just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Because while free is nice, what about the WOW factor of having the screen roll down as soon as the projector is turned on? You’ll enjoy utilising a trigger if you’re used to getting out of your chair.

Plus, your buddies won’t believe their eyes when they see what you’ve done.

So, let’s go a little more specific.

What is the purpose of a trigger?

When you turn on another device, triggers allow it to lower your projector screen automatically.

This gadget could be a projector or an amplifier. Depending on your trigger type, the signal is conveyed by a wire or an infrared signal.  A trigger is an item that comes with your screen and is typically used instead of a traditional switch. It’s not something that comes standard with your projection screen. The entire triggering procedure is automated, so all you have to do is switch on your projector or amplifier.

We’ll now take a look at these triggering devices as well as the other hardware you’ll need to complete this setup.

What exactly do you require?

An electric projector screen – a projector with or without a 12V output, or a 12V amplifier.

A box that acts as a trigger

The triggering mechanism can only be used with electric projection screens, thus that’s the first need. Then you’ll need something to “start” the triggering process.

Either your projector (whether it has a 12V output or not) or your amplifier is at blame (has to have a 12V output). Finally, a trigger box is required to convert the signal from your projector or amplifier into a command that instructs your projector screen to roll in or out.

What are the various setup options?

  1. You can use your projector as a trigger device. If you’re going to use your projector as a triggering device, make sure it has a 12V output. This connector should be marked on the projector’s rear.

Look for a slot that can accommodate a 2.5 or 3.5mm jack.

The 12v trigger box can be used if you have a 12V output.

A wire connects the projector and the projection screen to this trigger box.

When you switch on the projector, it sends a signal to the box, which transforms it into a signal for the projector screen and orders it to roll down. The converse happens when the projector is turned off: the screen rises. You can use a power sensing trigger if your projector does not have a 12V output or if you want a wireless (infrared) option.

This trigger is made up of two parts: a receiver attached to the projection screen and a transmitter attached to the projector. When the projector is turned on, the transmitter detects an increase in the projector’s power usage. It then transmits a wireless infrared signal to the receiver, which transforms it into a signal to turn off the screen.

When the projector is turned off, a signal is delivered to the receiver, and the projector screen comes into view once more.  Keep in mind that when using an infrared trigger, the transmitter and receiver must be aligned, and the transmitter must have a clear line of sight for the IR signal to work.

  1. You can use your amplifier as a triggering device.

You’ll need a 12V output on your amplifier if you wish to utilise it as a triggering device.

This is due to the fact that power sensing would be impractical.Because you don’t want the projection screen to automatically drop when you only want to listen to music. The rest of the operation and installation is identical to that of projectors with a 12V output.  What are the main advantages of using a trigger instead of a regular switch to control your projection screen? Otherwise contact with smart one tech.

  1. You will no longer need to get out of your chair to operate the screen.
  2. You give your home theatre a wow element that will impress your friends.

What are the disadvantages?

  1. You can’t move the screen without turning on or off your projector or amplifier.

This isn’t usually necessary, but it’s something to keep in mind.

  1. It is an option that you must pay for.

That’s all there is to it; now you know what a trigger can perform for you and what you require.

Now get out there and use your electric screen to its full potential.

Otto Tromm, the founder of Beamax projection screens and an award-winning projection screen designer, knows what matters when it comes to getting the most out of your projection screen.

Otto focuses on a component of projector screen industrial design that is typically disregarded. This attention to detail results in projection screens that not only maximise the potential of your projector, but also complement your décor.

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