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Effective Uses Of Saffron You Should Know

Over three millennia, saffron has been used for flavouring, fragrance, dyeing, and medicine. As a result, saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world by weight. The stigmas of saffron come from the vegetatively propagated and sterile Crocus sativus, commonly known as the saffron crocus.

There is a long history of saffron being used in food, drink, and traditional herbal medicine from ancient times to the present. People have been using bright red threads in baking, curries, and liquor for millennia. Ancient and medieval cultures believed that saffron could treat a variety of ailments, including stomach upsets and the plague. Saffron can therefore be used for so many purposes. You can buy saffron online or offline, but be sure to check its quality before purchasing. Now let’s discuss some practical uses for saffron. 

1. Dye 

Saffron acts as a colouring agent. After immediate application, the orange-yellow hue fades to a pale, creamy yellow. A few saffron stamens produce a luminous yellow-orange, and when the amount of saffron concentration increases in the fabric, the fabric becomes richer in red tones. 

A saffron-dyed garment used to be the symbol for noble classes from ancient times. This demonstrates a ritualistic and status-identifying use of saffron. Buddhist and Hindu monks wore vermilion, ochre, and saffron-hued mantles and robes made of this dye. The ‘Leine’ is a long undershirt traditionally dyed with saffron that monks wore in medieval times in Ireland and Scotland. Many people tried replacing the saffron with a cheaper dye, but nothing replaced the saffron.  Just like Kashmiri Mamra almonds, saffron offers several health benefits.

2. Food Coloring 

Typically, saffron substitutes, like turmeric and safflower, produce a garishly bright yellow. Many people use it for food colouring like turmeric. Saffron changes the colour of a dish and gives it a vibrant colour. Saffron’s main additive is the carotenoid crocin, which you can find in the less tediously harvested fruit, and therefore it is less costly. However, Researchers are working in China to examine its effects. 

3. Perfumery Use 

In Europe, saffron threads are an essential component of an aromatic oil known as ‘Crocinum,’ which also includes alkanet, dragon’s blood, and wine. In ancient times, people used to apply the Crocinum to their hair as a perfume. Moreover, one needs to mix saffron and wine together to produce a viscous yellow spray that people widely used in sun-drenched Roman amphitheatres as an air freshener.

4. Menstrual Discomfort Relief

There is some evidence that consuming saffron with anise and celery seed can reduce menstrual pain. Saffron has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles and the muscle of the uterus are made up of similar tissues. Thus, it helps to relieve period cramps by calming muscles. 

5.  Saffron As A Spice 

A variety of dishes use their yellow colour and taste. As a spice, it replaces turmeric in dishes. In addition, many people use it as a seasoning on their food, which gives it an aromatic taste. 

6. Enhances The Visibility Of Structures 

Histologists use saffron with pentachrome staining to enhance the visibility of biological structures under a microscope. 

Use of Saffron for Health Conditions

Saffron has many health benefits. That’s the reason why some people use saffron for the treatment of following health conditions. 

Alzheimer’s Disease

If people having Alzheimer’s consume saffron extracts for 22 weeks, they will notice a slight improvement in the Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Male Infertility

According to some studies, saffron may improve men’s sperm function. Nevertheless, there is conflicting evidence before us. 


In preliminary studies, drinking a herbal tea mixture that includes saffron along with anise, black seed, caraway, cardamom, chamomile, fennel, and liquorice can reduce asthma symptoms in people with allergic asthma.


Following 6-8 weeks of treatment with specific saffron extracts, depression symptoms can be reduced. Studies suggest that saffron may have the same effect on depression as taking fluoxetine or imipramine at a low dose.

Erectile Dysfunction

A preliminary study suggests that saffron reduces erectile dysfunction and increases erections.


Saffron tea and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the severity of psoriasis, according to some research.


Researchers found that crocetin, a chemical from saffron, might reduce fatigue in men during exercise.

Culinary Use Of Saffron

Saffron is prevalent in European, North African, and Asian cuisines. Some analysts have described its aroma as similar to honey, with woody, hay-like, and earthy notes; according to another, it tastes like hay but with hints of bitterness.

As a result of its luminous yellow-orange hue, you can find it in everything from cheeses, confectioneries, and liquors to baked goods, curries, meat dishes, and soups around the world. In past eras, many dishes demanded excessive amounts of saffron, not just for taste but also to show off their wealth. 

Kava is the famous drink of Kashmir and people make this drink with saffron, almonds, walnuts, cardamom, etc. Kashmir also uses it for occasional cuisines, such as Wazwan, a dish where people cook chicken in its heated aromatic solution; also called ‘Konge Kokur’ by the locals.

The saffron in chartreuse, bizarre, and Strega provides colour and flavour to these alcoholic beverages. Prior to adding saffron threads to a recipe, saffron threads need to crumble and soak in water or sherry for several minutes.

To extract the colour and fragrance of the saffron threads in the liquid phase, you have to soak them in the water, while powdered saffron is not subject to this process. By adding the soaking solution to the hot cooking dish, even colour and flavour distribution can be achieved, which is crucial when baking or preparing thick sauces. 

Final Words 

You can use saffron for many other ailments, such as insomnia, cancer, hardening of the arteries, cough, stomach gas, early male orgasm, baldness, pain, and more. Saffron is thus a must-buy. In the same way as saffron, Kashmiri mamra almonds have many uses and health benefits.  

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