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Effective Ten Tips For Choosing A Suitable Primary School For Your Child

Effective Ten Tips For Choosing A Suitable Primary School For Your Child


In today’s world, education and qualifications play a key role in determining a child’s future. Schools and educational institutions are major sources of information and learning. Primary school is the most critical part of an infant’s life. It is the foundation of what and where they will be in the future. It is when a child learns to learn and know about the world outside the four corners of their house. 


Thus, choosing the perfect school for your child might make or break their academic future. Because there are so many colleges to select from, making a decision might be difficult. However, here are the top ten tips and suggestions to make your search for the right school easier. 


  1. Teaching style

Different schools have their unique ways of teaching and learning methods for children. While searching for other schooling options, you should know how the existing students learn. There are several different ways to learn and teach, for example, reading, writing, audio, visuals, and Kinaesthetic. A good primary school would have a balance between all these learning styles. 


  1. Curriculum

Traditional learning methods were usually based on learning through textbooks and theory. However, today things have changed, and schools have adapted to teach more through extra-curricular and hands-on activities. A solid school curriculum should be able to develop your child’s physical and cognitive abilities and overall personality, in addition to putting knowledge into their brain.


Therefore, an excellent school is distinguished in large part by its curriculum. One of the most popular curriculum options includes the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB).


  1. Class strength

The high student-teacher ratio may not be for everyone, as in primary school, children are very shy and want to be in their small comfort zone. Therefore, small class sizes are proven to improve children’s learning. A smaller student-teacher ratio allows pupils to participate in asking questions, in class discussions, and voice their ideas.


  1. Does the school meet your child’s needs?

Schools have different core values and structures, which may not apply to every child. For example, some children are shyer than others, while some are slow learners and some are fast, so how does the school deal with such situations? Is there separate guidance or support offered to such students? 


  1. Infrastructure and environment

The infrastructure and surroundings contribute a lot to a student’s learning process. So do have a look at how it is designed. Are there spaces for your child to play and hang out? Are the classrooms inspirational, orderly, and well-maintained, and do they exhibit student work? Are there big and good playgrounds? And are there clean restrooms? Most of the top international schools in Riyadh provide students with separate playgrounds where they can interact and grow their physical strength. 


  1. Safety protocols

A school’s academic achievements are meaningless if it cannot ensure your child’s safety. Your child’s safety should be the most important aspect to look at when you are searching, as a school is a place where you would not be there with your child to keep an eye on. So, ensure the school is well guarded and has all the safety precautions, such as a first aid box, fire extinguisher, etc. 


  1. Talk to existing students and their parents

While you can look up information about the school and know everything about it on the internet, it is always better to pay a visit to it yourself. Tal to the students studying there and look up their experiences and opinion about the school. While the school and its personnel may portray the best possible picture of the school, children and their parents will tell you the truth about it.


  1. Location

You would probably want your child’s school close to your house, so it is easy to pick up and drop your child from school easily. In addition to spending time in school, your child should also be able to spend time with the family and not travel long distances from school to home. 


  1. Research well

Make sure you look up to different schools. Every school is unique, and you should be able to choose the one that matches your child’s needs. Please make a list of your top 5 schools, and then compare and know about the benefits of each one of them.


  1. School fees

Last but not least, the school should be affordable and under your budget. Check for the division of fees that the school provides. It should be proportionate to the facilities they offer.



Ultimately, the bottom line is to select the school you and your child are most comfortable with. In some circumstances, this is directly related to the statistics; in others, you may have a positive impression of the curriculum or other qualities. Your chosen school will impact your child’s academic future, so do your homework and pick the school that feels right for you.


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