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Effective Digital Marketing Plan

There always comes a time when you need to come up with a digital marketing plan . Whether it’s to plan for the next year, to begin your job, or to initiate a change of direction in the company’s strategy. Except… you don’t know where to start !After some research on Google, you have indeed found “Digital Marketing Plan” models, but these are obviously intended for large groups, those who can afford to take several weeks and organize committees at will that will mobilize all The direction. You can get in touch with Digital Marketing Agency in London

This plan template is straight to the point. It contains only the essentials and focuses only on digital.

It is not made for the international group which needs a report of a hundred pages to “harmonize the 360° digital strategy in an innovative way and in accordance with the values ​​and DNA of our brands“.


  1. Your positioning strategy
  2. Your goals
  3. Your typical customer
  4. Your competitive audit
  5. Your differentiation strategy

How to use this digital marketing plan template?

Go through the article for the first time then open a blank Word document which you will complete by answering the questions in each of the sections described below.

Be careful, you will probably want to skip some questions. We have just promised you a concrete action plan,  and now we are starting with fairly theoretical sections on your “positioning” or “your differentiation strategy”.

It’s desired.

The fact is that these questions are necessary: ​​if you want to quickly define “the results we want to achieve” and “how we are going to achieve them”, you need to ask first (even briefly) “who we are” and “ where we start”.

Are you ready ? Let’s go !

Step 1: Your positioning strategy

Summarize in one sentence these 4 key elements that define your business:

  • What we do (core business)
  • Who we do it for (customers)
  • How we do it (culture)
  • Why we do it (mission)

For example: “We (offer this service, this result, this added value, this solution) to (such type of company, sectors, market, customers) by (using this specific approach or a particular culture) because (c is the raison d’être of our company)”

Do not try to write a catchy hook to seduce your customers: this sentence will only be used internally to formalize the mission of the company .

A concrete example could be:

We (design and deploy digital marketing strategies) for (B2B companies wishing to generate more leads) by (taking an agile and pragmatic approach) because (we want to help companies grow).

Why ?

First, this will allow you to lay things out and set the framework for the plan . Second, you may be surprised to see that your own definition of the company’s mission does not have unanimous support internally.

Step 2: Your goals 

What are the marketing objectives to be achieved in the next 12 months? What results do you want to achieve? What are the priorities for ensuring the company’s development?

Start from the business objectives of the company . What quantified results should you achieve through web marketing? How many sales do you need to make to reach these goals?

Also explore non-measurable goals : what are the successes you would like to achieve?

Why ?

Step 3: Your typical customer

Who is your typical business customer? Which of these problems or needs does your business address? How?

Again, if you are not sure of the profile of your ideal client, we strongly advise you to plan to deepen the subject.

Why ?

Knowing your typical customer is the key to marketing. Every decision you make in your digital marketing actions should be thought out based on this information .

If you don’t know your customers, their motivations, their expectations, their state of mind or their objections, you will unnecessarily waste your budget on poorly optimized actions .

Step 4:  competitive audit

What are your competitors doing? What types of marketing actions do they put in place? What channels are they on? Do they have a large online community? Is their community active?

Explore at least the 3 main direct competitors in your market in order to get a clear idea of ​​the competitive environment and the digital strategies that your competitors are deploying.

Why ?

It is essential that you know what your competitors are doing in order to deduce good and bad practices, but also, to be able to stand out more easily .

Step 5: differentiation strategy

What is the specificity of your company? In what areas does your business stand out from the competition?

Which added value do you bring to your customers? What do your current customers think of the company? What do they like in particular? Someting disappoints them?

What concrete facts and external signs of recognition illustrate the excellence of your company?

Why ?

Your differentiation is one of the strengths on which your marketing must rely .

Understanding why your customers choose your business over another will help you choose your channels for acquiring new customers as well as the messages you use there .


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