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Effective communication: barriers and strategies

Effective communication: barriers and strategies

Effective communication is very crucial when you want to grow in life. Communication is the key to achieving heights. 

Ways to develop an effective communication

Communication plays a significant role in your life. This starts from your life-extending to develop your professional life too. 

If you cannot communicate well your growth is stagnant. Here are the ways to build effective communication.

Your body language

Not only do we speak through our mouths but also through our body language. The way you stand, sit and walk tells a lot about your personality. When you talk to anyone or when you eat, your body language speaks on your behalf. 

When you are attending any meeting or you are appearing for an important interview the most important thing that you notices is body language. It is very important to manage your body language. 

If you cannot manage your body language then it creates a barrier in your career. Your body language speaks a lot more about yourself than you can speak.

If you think that your body language is not as sound as it should be. You can always take some measures that will make you professionally sound. If you are preparing for a USMLE Step 2 CK exam or any other test, your body language should be precise.

You can practice your posters in front of a mirror which will show you how you are. If you take the responsibility to improve your body language then this will prove to be the stepping stone to your success. 

Eye contact

Eye contact plays a significant role in highlighting yourself. When you make eye contact with people it means you are active in the conversations. 

Eye contact makes you confident that you are not scared of the person in front of you no matter how powerful he or she is. The habit of eye contact will make one confident and active in the conversation that is going on.

 It also helps in figuring out who is the fraud and the genuine person. When you start practicing eye contact you will see how people avoid eye contact when they are not genuine people. You will start to know people through their eyes. 

Take feedbacks

Some people like to criticize people. But if you want to grow you should take criticism. But the criticisms should never be negative. 

You should only welcome positive criticisms which will initiate your growth. You should never entertain negative criticism. 

When you take feedback from people it makes you open to growth. A person who is open to feedback can only grow over time. 

When you ask for feedback people will understand that you want to grow with time. People love them and can grow over time. 

The world doesn’t accept stagnant people. It is not enough to do good once. But you have to keep up your hard work by learning from your mistakes. 


No matter in the working platforms or your house you have to have a motivating attitude. People can hardly tolerate negativity for long. 

You should speak in a way that motivates others to do good in life. Even if someone is going wrong then also you must motivate them to replace that negative thing with a positive one.

When you have a motivating approach people will always like to be associated with you. This is one of the major traits of effective communication. 


Interruption is one of the most negative attitudes of effective communication. When a person is speaking while you interrupt it means you are not respecting what they are saying. 

This is a negative attitude that instantly puts you down. Even if you interrupt by chance you must apologize instantly. 

When you want communication to be effective then you must respect people when they are speaking. This is so because if you don’t hear people speak then they will also not listen to you attentively when you speak. It is a communication barrier to effective communication.

Use correct vocabulary

We often tend to use the English language when we speak. But if you are not comfortable speaking any language then don’t speak so. 

You can speak the language you are comfortable with which will express your confidence. If it is not very important then don’t speak English or any language that you are not comfortable with. 

When you use the wrong vocabulary of any language it doesn’t help you to have effective communication. So, it is better to communicate in the language that you are comfortable with. 

Lower your tone

It often happens that our tone is loud in general. But we have to make sure that it doesn’t sound very rude to the people with whom we are going to work. 

Then it will be a barrier to effective communication. You have to talk softer so that it doesn’t sound rude and uncultured. 

There is always a way one should talk to people you cannot just scream everywhere and anywhere you go. When your tone is soft then only people will want to talk to have a conversation with you. 

Interacting events

People of different ages don’t feel comfortable having effective conversations with others. They can be highly benefited from effective communication where they can learn the skill of interaction. 

Here they can start interacting with random people which will make them confident to face a lot of situations better. 

These interacting events like debates, public speaking, and so on will influence you in having good communication skills. You will be amazed how gradually you become comfortable interacting with people.

Avoid distractions

When you talk if you think you are getting distracted by any other work or devices then shut it while you are working. It is not right to multitask When you are not good at it. 

The quality of work determines your growth, not the skill of multitasking. It is very helpful to exchange thoughts while having no distractions. 

You have to pay attention to what the other person is saying. Communication is never a monologue that you say but the ideas and perspectives that you consciously exchange.

Why is effective communication important?

Communication is the medium of interaction be it any form of it. It can be any mode of communication; it just has to be effective. 

We generally communicate with a lot of people but not every communication is worth remembering. This is so because we don’t concentrate while communicating. 

But effective communication is determining the quality of the communication that we are creating in our work life. This helps us develop our personal growth too. 

When you do effective communication you are having a quality conversation with each which will help each one of you to grow. 


Effective communication is key to your growth. You have to build your overall interacting skills so that you develop good communication with people. 

When you can communicate well people will understand your strength and you will be able to turn your weakness into strengths. You can defeat the barrier and develop good communication by applying a few strategies.

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