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Easy Tips to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

Being a student, you are often asked to write an argumentative essay. The argumentative essay is often a difficult type of essay to write as it demands a great deal of critical thinking to put across your points or arguments. Therefore, students find it difficult at times to draft a well-written and comprehensive argumentative essay.

This post aims to explore what is an argumentative essay and the basic tips for writing an argumentative essay. So, just grab a pen and a paper to note down these useful tips. In any case, if you are still finding it hard to write a good argumentative essay, you can always resort to online write my essay for me services (Tennant, 2019).


What is an Argumentative Essay?

As the word indicates, “argument” means to “convey your views or stance.” In an argumentative essay, as a writer, you have to write down your arguments or viewpoint over a certain topic and back it up with substantial evidence. You have to persuade or convince the reader about your argument or opinion with strong evidence. Because an argumentative essay is deemed to persuade the reader, it is, therefore, also known as a persuasive essay.

As an essay writer, it is important for you to learn the tips for writing a decent argumentative essay. So, let’s get started!


Tips to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

The following are some easy tips that can help you get started on your journey to write down an effective argumentative essay.

1.      Understand the Background

Before writing your essay or forming an argument about the topic under consideration, make sure you have done enough research on it. You can search out books, journal articles, and websites to develop an understanding about the given topic. It is very important to have a strong grip on the topic to form your argument.

2.      Define your Stance

Once you have understood the topic completely, it is now time to form your stance. You ought to think critically in order to develop your argument. A good argument cannot be formed without a strong stance (A Sharadgah, A Sa’di, and H Ahmad, 2020)

3.      Back-up Your Stance

You would have seen people arguing. Have you ever noticed that the main body of the argument is based on the facts and evidence people are using to support their opinion? Like a real-life argument, the backbone of an argumentative essay is the facts, figures, and other evidence that you are putting across to support your stance. So, you have to do a thorough fact-finding to back-up your stance.

Bonus Tip: You can search out the evidence for your argumentative essay by doing a literature review. You can use various online databases, such as PubMed, Google Scholar, Scopus, etc. to form your argument.

4.      Remember: Argue But Do Not Fight!

A major mistake made by most of the students is that they mix argument with a fight. This leads to them making inappropriate word choices, which puts a negative impact on the essay. This ultimately tends to give a negative impression to the reader, instead of persuading him or her. It is, therefore, very important to be conscious about the tone of your words.

As they say, “you do not win an argument by raising your voice, but rather by raising your facts!”

So, be polite but state your arguments firmly with facts and evidence.

5.      Don’t Forget Your Thesis Statement

The main component of an argumentative essay is the thesis statement. A thesis statement states the crux of your essay. It gives the reader an overview of what the essay contains. It depicts your stance on the given topic. A thesis statement is more like a first impression of your essay. So, make sure that you make your first impression an effective one! Remember that your thesis statement has to be concise and to the point. It must be representative of your clear understanding on the topic and your critical point of view on the topic.

Always remember the 5 Cs of writing when drafting your thesis statement.

6.      Two Sides of a Coin

There is always more than one perspective on a topic. Therefore, on one hand, a good argumentative essay has points and evidence to justify your stance. On the other hand, it is also important to highlight the points to justify your reasons for not supporting the counter-argument. You have to be very clear and state evidence for not supporting the alternate perspective. One by one state points to refute the counter-argument.

7.      Bottle the River in the Tumbler!

After you have elaborated your points in the main body of the essay, it is now important to sum everything up in a nutshell. The tips for writing a good conclusion to your essay are:

  • Sum up the main points of the essay.
  • Use the funnel approach. A line about the main topic is followed by two to three lines about the main argument and one to two lines, to sum up, the final thoughts.
  • You have to be very specific and to the point.
  • Think of it as an assignment where you are required to cut short an essay to a paragraph. Brainstorm what points are important and must be present.
  • Summarize it.

8.      Master the Art of Paragraphing

It is very important while writing an argumentative essay to make paragraphs systematically. Do not just randomly put down thoughts in an essay. You need to have a systematic approach and follow a hierarchy while writing your essay. Make sure to split the main body of your essay into paragraphs. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence or a theme. A paragraph must be eight to 10 lines. It must not be too long or too short.

You can make ten to twelve paragraphs, however, there is no such hard and fast rule. Just make sure that you are discussing one point or a single theme in one paragraph. Also, be very careful about the order of your paragraphs. There has to be a link from one paragraph to another.

Think of it as a train. The various sections of a train are occupied by different passengers but all are linked together!



Writing an argumentative essay is not an impossible task. Instead, you can follow the very basic tips described in this post to write down an impressive argumentative essay.




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