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Double decker bed: Pros & Cons Of It

Double decker bed provide a variety of advantages, whether you’re wanting to make additional room for a new family member or for your children to play.


However, before making a purchase, you should assess the benefits and drawbacks of double decker beds to see whether this is the right piece of furniture for you. These aren’t restricted to the cost or appearance of a double decker bed.

So, if you’re lying awake at night debating whether or not to acquire a bunk bed, now is the time to do it. Don’t worry, we’ll come to your aid. We’ve compiled a list of the benefits and drawbacks of double decker bed for you to consider here at Lenchong!


What Are Some Advantages of Bunk Beds?


1. They are detachable.


Double decker bed for kids may be a terrific investment since they can grow and change with your children. Their designer double decker bed is ideal for a growing kid, and it comes in a variety of amazing versions to fit your child’s needs as they develop.


While the majority of children’s double decker beds are not meant to be separated, some, such as our Max bed, are! This means you may divide it into two single beds when your children get older and desire their own area. Even better, when your kids go, you’ll have two beds that can be converted into a daybed!


As a result, not only will your children enjoy their double decker bed, but your future visitors will be able to sleep comfortably as well.


2.They’re also fantastic for sleepovers.


Sleepovers are an important part of many children’s lives, whether it’s telling ghost tales, building dens, or choreographing dance routines. Rather of sleeping on a sleeping bag on the hard floor, you may provide double decker bed for your visitors to sleep in luxury.


If you really want to go all out, they also offer triple sleeper bunk beds, so you won’t have to worry about crowding your kids’ space the next time you fall asleep reading them a bedtime tale.


3. They provide you your own space in a shared room.


Due to space constraints, sharing a room is sometimes unavoidable. However, just because you share a room does not imply you won’t have your own personal space. Your children may create fantastic dens to play in or just to block out the world by cleverly using drapes.


You might also utilise clip-on bulbs to offer lighting in their own area, allowing them to read their favourite books late at night. This is also ideal if one kid prefers to sleep with the lights on at night since it ensures that their sibling is not disturbed!


4. They’re useful for expanding play areas.


Let’s face it, every expanding family is short on space. Wardrobes and toy bins, for example, may take up a significant amount of your floor space. As a result, children’s play space is often restricted!


By using your spare vertical space, double decker beds may free up a few much-needed square metres. You may free up more floor space by using double decker beds instead of two single beds, allowing your children more room to play, grow, and develop.


5. They Teach Life Lessons


Sharing a room gives children valuable life skills such as sharing and respect for others. It may aid in the bonding of siblings since they will be spending time together that they would not otherwise. Sharing a room may also be a convenient method to establish a common nighttime ritual, which is especially important for twins!


6. They Aren’t Just for Children!


Wait, grownups have double decker bed?! Well, kind of. Although double decker beds are more typically used in children’s rooms, most double decker beds can easily accommodate an adult.


Just be sure you check the product page to see whether the double decker bed you’re interested in can also accommodate an adult.


7. They’re Convenient to Store


So far, we’ve discussed how double decker beds give additional bed space and free up floor space, but if you like double decker beds with storage, there are many of great alternatives.


What Are the Negative Aspects of Bunk Beds?


1. Sleeping in a High Position


We all worry about our children as parents; it’s part of the job. Is it true that they are getting adequate sleep? Will the bed be able to accommodate them as they grow? What if they fall and injure themselves? We’re sure you’ve asked yourself all of these things.


But don’t worry, we’ll set your mind at ease. Our children’s double decker beds are all solidly built with permanent guard rails, ensuring that they do not slide off the top bunk. They can’t slide and get trapped since the horizontal rails have little spaces between them.


2. Having a claustrophobic feeling


Some individuals find sleeping on a double decker bed odd at first since they aren’t accustomed to having a bed or ceiling so near to them. This is logical, particularly in a triple double decker bed when the bed above you is considerably closer than it would typically be.


We at Lenchong do our utmost to combat this sensation by offering safe and secure open and airy double decker beds. Why not rearrange the room arrangement so that the bed is only up against one wall, rather than two, to increase the amount of light in the room?


3. Getting to the Top Bunk


To get into bed, they’ll have to climb the ladder, of course. As a result, we suggest that any youngster sleeping on the top bunk be at least 4 years old. Many of our children’s double decker beds include handles to make climbing simple and fast.


This will make getting out of bed in the morning a bit more difficult for you. With a fitted bottom sheet, however, all you have to do is place the pillow and spread down the duvet.


Have you decided whether or not you want a bunk bed?


So, do you think bunk beds are a good idea? It is all up to you and your residence! If you’ve determined that double decker beds are the right fit for your house, have a look at their selection of fashionable and durable double decker bed. Now it’s simply a matter of deciding who will sleep in each bunk.


We’d love to see how you arrange a double decker bed in your house, so share your photos with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


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