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Dental Scale – When To Do It?

Dental Scale: Like many people, you have a serious phobia at the dentist and you may want to avoid contact with him. That is why you try to keep your teeth in the best possible way, to keep your teeth looking beautiful. But other than that, to prevent all the infections that will be the main reason for the dental appointment. However, annual screening is recommended to diagnose oral pain. Improve your dental care by removing tartar from your teeth.

Tooth decay

What is a dental examination?
Dental screening is an important treatment to reduce the risk of gingivitis, infections, cavities, and halitosis (shortness of breath). This will remove the tartar formation above and below the gums. Dental scaling will keep your teeth smooth, clean and shiny.

Scaling, in the presence of subgingival tartar, requires a combination of periodontal treatment to treat the bones and gums, which in this case are constantly changing. what are scale and polish teeth?

Namely: Dental scaling should not be confused with teeth whitening, it only restores the natural color of your tooth enamel.

Reasons for creating a tartar
Tartar is a mineral of jewelry. It is only on the surface of the lower incisors of the teeth (to the tongue). However, it can also be seen on the inside of the mouth and on the outside of the teeth, often when the mouth is not clean. Tartar can be given a variety of colors, ranging from white to brown.

Note: Unlike many people’s beliefs, smoking does not cause the appearance of tartar but it does darken it and cause nicotine intoxication, which increases the risk. of disease.

Tooth decay is a mixture of toxins (sugars, acids and bacteria) due to eating too much fat and sugar. Regular brushing can remove plaque. However, despite good dental care, some areas are still difficult to reach which can promote skin peeling and thickening of the plaque. So this will ultimately be the result of the creation of Tartar. The frequency of tartar improvement varies from person to person, depending on the culture and the use of saliva production. Saliva is a common reaction against the removal of bacteria.

Dental counting

What are the solutions to remove tartar?
In order to find strong and healthy teeth, complete existing tartar is necessary. This is scale. Only orthodontists (dentists, or dentists) can perform this painless procedure in their practice and with the necessary equipment.

In order to support your teeth for a long time, it is important to check your teeth regularly to reduce oral problems. Any negligence can have a major impact on your health in the long run.

Caries and helitosis

The most common oral problems in children due to poor dental care or poor brushing are cavities, which later turn into tartar. Some people with no cavities do not think it has it, usually hidden in tartar deposits. At the same time, undiagnosed caries can become a dental disease.

In addition, exposure to toxins is a cause of bad breath, if you do not remove the tartar regularly, halitosis will start. what are scale and polish teeth?

History of tooth loss

Over time, tartar reserves will increase, leading to bacterial overgrowth that can lead to gingivitis (infection of the gums). The first symptoms of gingivitis (redness, gingivitis, sensitivity to temperature changes) alert you to the treatment of the disease and make a scaling that will clean your teeth. If left untreated, pockets in time can form and cause rupture of the alveolar-dental ligament. This can lead to loosening of the teeth (a drive of the teeth).


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