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Dental Equipment Helps Dentists For The Better Treatment

Dental Equipment Helps Dentists For The Better Treatment

Introduction to Dental Equipment

The tools and instruments that are use by dentists for treating their patients are known as dental equipment. They are use for the diagnosis and manipulation of the oral cavity, i.e., the mouth. There are many types of dental equipment available to be use for dental purposes. The different dental equipment is assign the different works on the basis of their structure and function.

Basically, there are mainly three groups of dental equipment used in the field of dentistry

  • First is General instruments for examining the mouth and the teeth
  • Second is the instruments use for the purpose of extraction
  • The third is a group of those instruments which are use for the replacement, reconstruction, and cleaning of the oral cavity.

Some examples of the most commonly used dental equipment are mouth mirrors, forceps, amalgams, tweezers, dental burs, and many more.

Different types of dental equipment and their uses

There are various kinds of dental equipment use by dentists for diagnosing and treating patients. The different dental equipment performs different functions, for example, a mouth mirror is use for getting an indirect vision of the oral cavity by the dentist, reflecting the light on the surfaces to be diagnose, and performing retraction of the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

The forceps are primarily use for holding, grasping, retracting, and stabilizing the tissues. The dental amalgam is a filling material that is use to fill the dental cavities that may be cause by tooth decay.

The tweezers are the dental instruments that are use for holding small dental things and stuff that can’t be handled easily by bare human hands.

Dental composite burs are also one of the dental equipment use for diagnosing patients suffering from any dental-related ailment. Dental burs are made up of metal and many alloys such as steel, stainless steel, diamond grit, and tungsten carbide. They vary in their physical structures, i.e., some are broad at the end and circular and smooth at the front while some of them have a circular front but rough surface. It has a shank and a head. They are made to be use in various areas of dentistry. Their basic use is to cut the hard tissues of the oral cavity – teeth, and bone. They are also use for veterinary purposes. For the restorations of the root canals on the occlusal surface, they are use for making undercuts. They are also use for treating gingivitis and for removing caries. Dental caries is remove using a specific kind of round tungsten carbide bur but it works at a very slow speed.

Types of Dental Burs

There are basically four types of burs available on the basis of their sizes:

  1. Spherical burs
  2. Cylindrical burs
  3. Conical burs
  4. Cylinder-conical burs

There is a specific kind of burs, i.e., composite burs which are design for completing the awful tasks related to the oral cavity in a very easy and efficient manner to produce excellent results. The composite burs also come with a specific variety, i.e., composite polishing burs. As the name suggests, they are use for the purpose of polishing the composite restorations to provide a shiny look to the teeth. For polishing, specifically made pastes of low-grade diamond and aluminum oxide are use. For applying the paste, a feel disc and a soft brush are use, and proper care is given to the surface of the composite resin for preventing it from scratching. The composite resin has a natural appearance of enamel gloss. The composite polishing burs are also use for amalgam purposes, filling the cavities and removing the old filling materials. There is one more type of bur available, i.e., 330 dental bur. Which is basically pear-shape and used for creating undercuts to fill the materials properly in the oral cavity.

Significance of Dental Equipments in Treatment

For diagnosing patients, dentists make use of many types of equipment as they are much better than physical treatment with bare hands. They also make the work of dentists easier and more effective. By using these, there were minimum chances of carelessness by the operators. and the diagnosis can be perform in less time. Their effects are long-lasting. Different dental equipment provides different aids to patients suffering from oral problems.

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