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Custom Jewelry: Not Just for the Beach Anymore

It's no secret that custom jewelry is becoming more and more popular. What was once seen as a luxury item is now seen as an everyday accessory? And while this is great news for the jewelry industry, it's not so great for the beaches of the world.

We all know that feeling. You’re getting ready to go on vacation, packing your bag with all of your essentials, and then you remember…you forgot to pack your jewelry! You search frantically through your jewelry box, but nothing seems appropriate for the beach. You don’t want to risk losing your favorite necklace or getting sand in your delicate earrings. It’s no secret that custom jewelry is becoming more and more popular. What was once seen as a luxury item is now seen as an everyday accessory. And while this is great news for the jewelry industry, it’s not so great for the beaches of the world.

Custom jewelry is unique, meaning that you can choose pieces that are specifically designed to match your personal style. Whether you’re looking for a customized necklace to wear on the beach or a pair of delicate earrings for the office, there’s a custom jeweler out there who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. The problem with custom jewelry is that it’s often made with materials that are not meant to be in the water. This includes metals like brass and copper, as well as gems like turquoise and opal. These materials can tarnish or break down when they come into contact with salt water and sand.

Not only is jewelry a danger to the beaches, but it’s also a danger to your skin. Water can cause skin irritations and infections, and sand can cause abrasions. So if you’re looking to keep your skin safe and your jewelry in one piece, it’s best to leave your jewels at home when you head to the beach.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Custom Jewelry to the Beach?

Some Metals May Be Corroded By Sand

Keep in mind that silicon, which makes up most sand, may be extremely corrosive and damaging to some soft metals due to its abrasive structure. For instance, shore sand won’t matter as great if you are wearing a piece of custom jewelry composed of durable gems. The sand can be very damaging to something like citrine or amethyst, which is lighter.

The same principle holds for pure gold, silver, or solid anything else; they are strong enough to resist being overly harmed by sand’s corrosive properties. However, gold-plated jewelry or vermeil-plated is particularly delicate and will be damaged by the sand.

Saltwater Damages Custom Jewelry

The beach day has been fantastic. Every moment you jumped into the chilly sea water, the sun’s intense heat made it even better. You enjoyed a delicious meal on the Beach. Even when you witnessed a seagull dive down and steal a whole hot dog, bun, and all, you kept your composure.

Now that you’ve recently gaining ready for bed, you’re delightfully exhausted. You notice that the settings for one of the stones on your customized necklace feel a touch s you take it off. You don’t recall it being lost this morning, so that’s strange. What took place?

The sea holds the secret. It is specifically in salt. Metals will rust in ocean water and become weaker and damaged as a result. Custom jewelry produced with white gold or rose gold, which are both gold mixtures, is particularly vulnerable to saltwater damage. Brass and iron are the two metals use to make white gold and rose gold, both of which are easily corroding by salt.

Be Aware That In Cold Water, Your Fingers Will Shrinking

It’s strictly forbidde to wear pricey jewelry on the ocean, especially your rings. Keep in mind that the natriuresis process will cause your fingers to shrivel in the salty, frigid ocean water the saltwater draws water out of the skin. Any rings you might have will suffer damage. On the beach, avoid wearing any personalized name rings; however, custom bracelets or customized necklace is not acceptable because they won’t come off as quickly.

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Sunlight Radiation

It’s time to begin considering that the sun could damage your jewelry, even if you didn’t initially consider it. Sunlight can fade adhesive binding several pieces of custom jewelry together and over time cause discolor. After some time, it may cause an overall fade and a loss of luster. If exposed to sunlight for an extended time, some gems may either darken or tarnish.

This is typically not a problem if you are merely crossing the area or a parking lot. But when you are having to spend hours at the beach in the sweltering heat, the damage can pile up.

When You Return From The Beach, Carefully Clean Your Custom Jewelry

The most important thing to keep in mind is to carefully clean your custom jewelry after visiting the seaside. Use a fresh, moist cotton cloth. At the end of each beach day, perform this. It can be simple to overlook this step, particularly if your day has been difficult and you are desperate to get to sleep. However, by taking this activity, you will guarantee that your jewelry will last for a very long period. 


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