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Custom Dakimakura Pillow: Hug Your Favorit Anime Character!

Custom Dakimakura Pillow: Hug Your Favorit Anime Character!

If you’ve spent enough time on the Internet, then it’s likely that you have come across the term dakimakura at one point or another – maybe even in relation to some anime-related merchandise. For those who don’t know what a dakimakura is, it’s basically just a large, body-size pillow. However, many anime fans actually use them as full-body pillows that they can hug while watching their favorite series or films!

The Rise Of Anime Pillows

In Japan, dakimakura refers to a type of pillow that’s typically shape like a person. They are often printed with anime or manga characters and their underclothes. The word dakimakura is derived from the Japanese words for lying on one’s side.

In Japan, dakimakura refers to a type of pillow that’s typically shape like a person. They are often printed with anime or manga characters and their underclothes. The word dakimakura is derive from the Japanese words for lying on one’s side. The name literally means a hugging pillow in English. These pillows have become popular because they allow people to snuggle up against them when watching TV or reading manga.

Is A Dakimakura Pillow Right For You?

Dakimakura pillows, or hugging pillows, are most commonly seen in anime and manga. They’re large, full-body pillows that can lay on top of to create the feeling of being hug or cuddle. Although they are not typically use as a pillow for sleeping, they have been show to provide comfort in various ways such as providing support while reading or watching TV and creating a sense of security.

The word dakimakura is derive from the Japanese words da (meaning hug) and kami (meaning pillow). There are many different types of dakimakura, including ones made with different materials like polyester fiberfill and memory foam. Also, dakimakura’s vary greatly in size depending on who they are mean for–from extra small (200 cm x 50 cm), which is design to fit children up to elementary school age; medium (260 cm x 50 cm), which fits people up to about 5 feet 7 inches tall; large (280cm x 65cm), which fits people over 6 feet tall; queen size; and king size. The cost also varies depending on what material it’s make of and what size you get. However, these cushions aren’t just for lounging around–they’ve been known to help some people get better sleep by easing their aches and pains when lying down.

Anime Pillows – Are They Worth It?

Anime pillows are most commonly find in the form of a dakimakura or hugging pillow. These pillows come with two covers, one for the front and one for the back. They typically feature an anime character on both covers, with the front cover being a larger image than the back cover. The covers are often removable and interchangeable, which is where some of the appeal comes from- you can change up your dakimakuras to match your mood or to enjoy new characters. With that said, there are a lot of variations in quality when it comes to these toys.

Some offer high quality prints that will last over time, while others may be poorly print and start to fade after just a few washes. Some offer removable parts so you can wash them separately; others don’t allow this because they’re afraid of mold forming inside the foam inserts if they’re not wash together. I know this sounds like common sense advice but as someone who has owned several dakimakura pillows over time I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to take care of them properly so they don’t deteriorate quickly. With that said, the best way to make sure your pillow lasts for years and years (and doesn’t ruin all your other clothes) is to follow these simple rules:

  1. Turn your pillowcase inside out before washing it – this protects the art print from getting rub off by other clothes.
  2. Put your pillow in a mesh bag before putting it into the washer – this protects against water seeping through small holes and causing mildew build up.
  3. Make sure you use cold water when washing – again, cold water helps protect against mildew growth and fading due to hot temperatures
  4. Let air dry or tumble dry low heat – I recommend using air drying rather than tumbling drying, since too much heat can cause color distortion.

How To Choose Your Custom Dakimakura Pillow?

The first step to choosing your custom dakimakura pillow is to think about what kind of character you want. Do you want a male character or a female character? Do you have an idea in mind, or do you want something more general like Harry Potter, Naruto, or Pokemon? Once you’ve decided on the type of character and narrowed it down to one specific name, check out the list below for some suggestions on artists who have experience making that particular anime. Remember, these are just suggestions – if you can’t find an artist with the exact style you’re looking for, try searching google until you find someone who makes artwork similar to what you’re looking for!

Decide On A Design

One of the most popular anime series these days is Attack on Titan. Where humans are living in a world surrounded by giant monsters that they call Titans. The hero of the story is Eren Yeager, and if you want to hug him close at night with your own custom dakimakura pillow. This guide will show you how.

First, start by sketching out the character onto cardboard or some other thick material. It should be as large as possible so that it can trace easily onto fabric later on. If you’re having trouble drawing it yourself. Try looking up an image online or asking a friend to draw it for you. Once you have the design finalized, trace it onto a piece of fabric (such as felt) and. Cut out two identical shapes from the fabric. Pin them together so that one side faces outwards towards. The pins while the other side faces inwards towards each other and then sew along all edges. Sewn pieces should now look like an envelope when pinned shut (picture below). Finally, stuff both halves with polyester fiberfill before sewing closed. Make sure not to leave any gaps in between either half.

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