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Countries Where People Can Get Citizenship by Investment

Getting a citizenship through investing is a way to get a 2nd nationality and passport in a different nation by investing in its country. However, it may be consummate all the way through other kinds of established investment methods, like starting a business, growth funds, real estate, and so on. It is also the easiest way to get nationality more rapidly than a common immigration procedure. Citizenship by Investment depends on the type of investment and on the facilities that the government is providing to foreign investors. There are also many benefits to a second citizenship investment. We have selected some best countries in the world, which offer citizenship by investment.

1.  Ways to Secure the Citizenship by Investment

There are many ways to secure citizenship; however, citizenship by investment is most likely. First, it is necessary to describe your goals and your priorities for the country you are emigrating to. Business opportunities, mobility, lifestyle, and education are the important reasons for emigrating people. In addition, it is also essential to show how greatly capital you are able to invest. Only by passing all these important factors can you easily choose an immigration program based on your goals and requirements. After that, you will easily immigrate to a different country and can get its citizenship. Accurate research and planning, and the coordination of immigration consultancy will get you on the right way to citizenship by investment.

2.  Citizenship by Investment in Europe

Europe offers investors an especial direct investment path for citizenship. According to their regulations, most of the investments are non-refundable, as they consider it to be a participation in social funds and national development. The minimum investment is EUR 610,000, which the investor applies after 3 years of obtaining the residence permit, or EUR 760,000 if they apply after one year of being a resident of Malta.

In addition, the applicant should have lived or rented a residential property in Malta for 5 years. The average rental expense in Malta is around €16,500 per annum, and the purchase price is €710,000. Also, if the investor chooses to buy the home, he/she should own it for at least 5 years. After that, the investor will be able to sell the property and receive the investment amount.

3.  Canadian Citizenship by Investment

The huge advantages of Canada’s citizenship and residency are making it the globe’s most beneficial location for immigration investors. Canada’s economy is the globe’s eleventh best. Also, the country’s population is well-educated. In addition, Canada is recognized as an outstanding country for welcoming foreigners.

NSNP Program

The famous NSNP program (Nova Scotia Nominee Selection Program) attracts huge value candidates who want to settle in Canada’s province and gather with their economic needs and the labor market.  It is another path to get the residency of Canada.

Candidates Requirements for Nova Scotia Nominee Selection Program

  • The applicant must have a net personal income of at least CAD 610,000 without loans, and should have business assets, which can be transfer to the immigration province.
  • A candidate should be able to invest at least CAN$151,000 in a Nova Scotia business program.
  • Applicant’s all assets or properties have been legally acquired.
  • From past ten years as three years in business ownership of minimum 33% or have more than five years’ experience as a leading business manager.
  • Should be able to meet the CLB requirement (Canadian Language Benchmark) in French or English.
  • A candidate should have at least a Canadian high school diploma or its equivalent overseas degree.
  • Agree to live in Nova Scotia.
  • Family persons and family relatives can also be included under the same application.

4.  Caribbean Citizenship by Investment


Grenada citizenship is very beneficial. Accepted applicants must obtain citizenship within 60 working days of submitting their application.

Citizenship Is Considered To Be Granted To the People Who:

  • Agree to make a non-refundable donation of at least $151,000* to the NTF (National Transformation Fund).
  • Make an investment of about $351,000 in authorized real estate investments and keep it for at least three years.
  • Share ownership of a single unit with one or more other applicants.
  • Each principal applicant must contribute at least $221,000 toward the cost of the purchase, compared to the government typically pays at least $51,000.
  • Pay at least $350,000 for full ownership of a unit, including a government investment of at least $51,000.
  • $200,000 for a four-person household.
  • Around 151,000 USD for a single person candidate for NTF.

The relevant relatives of the candidate may submit an application:

  • Wives and under eighteen children
  • Kids who are dependent upon their parents and are between the ages of eighteen and thirty are no longer obligated to study at a university or college.
  • Siblings of the investors and wife who are not married and have no children who were born within a year of the citizenship being granted.
  • It is no longer necessary for the investor’s grandparents, parents and spouse to be economically reliant on the primary application if they are under 55.
  • Grenada and the US have an E-2 investment pact, which allows people to operate businesses there, too, and take up temporary residence.

5.     Countries Citizenship Rankings through Investment

Countries Timeline Cost for one Candidate
Malta 12—14 months from 800 000 €
Vanuatu 1—2 months from 130 000 $
Grenada 4—6 months from 150 000 $
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3—6 months from 150 000 $
Saint Lucia 2—6 months from 100 000 $
Dominica 2—6 months from 100 000 $
Antigua and Barbuda 3—6 months from 100 000 $
Montenegro 4—6 months from 350 000 €
Antigua and Barbuda 3—6 months from $100,000
North Macedonia 3—5 months from €200,000
Portugal 6—8 months from €280,000
Greece 6—7 months from €250,000
Cambodia 4—6 months from $200,000
Samoa 20—22 months from $1,100,000
Egypt 3—5months from $250,000
Jordan 12—15months from $1.5m
Spain 3—6months from €500,000
Italy 3—8months from €250,000
Latvia 3—6months from €250,000
United States 12—14months from $900,000
Turkey 3—6months from $400,000
Ireland 3—5months from €1,000,000

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