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Considerable Things To Travelling UAE from Mumbai – Attestation Services

Moving to another country for a job is a critical decision and it should not be made in any hurry. Among many other countries, the UAE can be an attractive option for job seekers. There are many job opportunities in the UAE and people often prefer to go to the UAE from Mumbai.

There are many things that first-time travelers to the UAE need to know. If you are travelling to the UAE from Mumbai for a job then you need to learn about the laws to protect your rights. Job seekers in the UAE from Mumbai need to learn about their official leaves, vacations, working hours, etc.

The United Arab Emirates is a popular country because the visa requirements are simpler than other countries. It is one of the main reasons why companies are preferring the UAE to expand their businesses. Just like any other country, job seekers have to follow certain rules to get work permits.

Different Type of UAE Visas

You will see that there is only one type of work visa or you can say a work permit is valid in the UAE. This work visa or work permit is also known as a labor card in the UAE. Anyone who wants to visit the UAE for a job then the person needs to have an entry visa, residence visa, and ID card from Emirate.

Why do you require UAE Embassy Attestation?

UAE Embassy Attestation is a necessary process through which every applicant has to go to apply for a visa in the UAE. If the applicant is from Mumbai then the applicant may want to find UAE Embassy Attestation . You will see that many outsourced agencies provide the services of the UAE Embassy Attestation in Mumbai.

This UAE Embassy Attestation ensures that all the documents of the applicant are legal. People who are travelling to the UAE from Mumbai for a job need to carry the UAE Attestation certificate. There are different types of UAE Attestation for the certificates and documents necessary. You will see the attestation like Educational, Commercial, and Personal documents attestation.

Preparations that are necessary while you are travelling to UAE from Mumbai for a Job

People from Mumbai who are willing to travel to the UAE for a job have to ensure their passports and visas are valid for at least six months. All the necessary certificates and documents need to go through the UAE Attestation procedure.

Passport and Visa

Any person who is travelling to the UAE has to understand that the person can’t work on the basis of tourist visas. Foreigners need to apply for a work visa and once they get a work permit, they can legally work in the UAE.

The person has to go through the procedure of residency permit and work permit. If any person is working without the permit or you can say working illegally then the person may have to give fines. These fines and penalties will apply to the employee and the person who gave the job.

Health Screening or Full Body Checkup

Anyone who wants to work in the UAE has to go through the necessary medical tests from the health centers in UAE. The applicants will be tested to see if they are suffering from diseases like HIV or TB. If any applicant is found positive for HIV or TB then the applicant has to leave the UAE immediately.

Certificate Attestation

If the applicant is having a degree from any other country than UAE. Then that degree certificate needs to go through the UAE Embassy Attestation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the applicant’s home country. If you are going to do some special jobs in UAE then you will need to have a certificate of attestation by the Ministry of Education-Higher Education Affairs of UAE.

Extra Tests

If the person is from a medical background and wants to work in UAE as a physician, lab technician, etc. Then the person has to take the exam from the Ministry of Health and Prevention in UAE to practice or work in the same profession. Some of the extra tests are very crucial and necessary for the attestation services.

Restricted Occupations

Just like any country, you will see that UAE also has certain occupations that are restricted. There are some occupations in the UAE like a lawyer. You will see that the Lawyer has to appear in front of the Judge and carry out your defense in front of the judge. Before the judge, the lawyer will represent why that lawyer should continue the practice in UAE.

How to get a job in the UAE?

As you know many people find jobs in the UAE through different international companies. Many people prefer to get a job in the UAE before moving there. In Mumbai, you will find many job agencies that will provide the options for jobs in the UAE. So, you will see that many people often go to these agencies when they are travelling to the UAE from Mumbai for a job.

Necessary Documents to get UAE Visa

  • Passport and a copy
  • Passport size photos
  • Emirates ID card
  • A permit from the Ministry of Labor and many more


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