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Consider Your Needs When Buying a Cat Window Perch

Buying a Cat Window Perch

It’s safe to say that most cat owners want their cats to spend as much time as possible outside – even if it means sharing the house with them. Cats love to watch the world go by from the safety of their windowsills, but you need to get them the right perch so they can do this safely and comfortably. Thankfully, there are plenty of cat window perches on the market today, so finding one should be easy enough. Read on to learn how to choose the best cat window perch for your home and your kitty!

A window perch should be secure

Cats are full of curiosity and are known to jump or fall from high heights. For these reasons, window perches should be designed in such a way that they offer maximum security. To accomplish this, they should fit snugly against your windowsill, but also have an adequate ledge for your cat to sit on. This will prevent your cat from launching himself through open window panes if he gets startled by something outside. In addition, window perches should come with screws or brackets for permanent installation to keep them in place even during rough weather conditions. You may also consider purchasing adhesive mounts that you can easily remove when you need access to your windows for ventilation purposes; for example, during hot summer days when it is important to have windows open.

The material shouldn’t cause any harm

Using materials that aren’t harmful to your cat is another thing to consider. A soft cloth might seem like an okay choice, but it could cause damage when your cat sharpens his claws. The best option is wood, but not all woods are equal. There are some types of wood that hold up better than others; avoid using softwoods such as pine or cedar and stick with something like oak or hard maple instead.

It should be easy to install

Ideally, you’ll be able to put your new cat window perch up on your own. The last thing you want is to hire someone to do it for you, especially if they don’t know what they’re doing. The best products will come with clear instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams so that you can see how it all fits together. Plus, pre-drilled holes and included screws are also very helpful in speeding up installation time (and minimizing damage). Of course, there are other things you should consider when trying to find a good window perch for your cat. For example, how will your cat like sleeping on it? Can it hold its weight? If so, how much weight can it hold?

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The measurements should fit your space

The most important thing to consider is finding a perch that will fit into your space. Measurements and sizes vary from brand to brand, so make sure you get something that works for your windowsill. You’ll also want to take into account whether or not you can drill holes in your window. This could mean cutting up an old towel or buying some of those stick-on Velcro tabs for easy installation. It’s worth shopping around before making any major investments in installation supplies because there are plenty of less expensive perches on the market.

Add the right accessories

There are three basic types of cat window perches: front-mounted, back-mounted and side-mounted. Some cats do best with one kind over another, but it’s up to you to find out what works best for your cat. Also, remember that window perches need to be used in pairs if they’re front or back-mounted—so consider buying two. If you have more than one window in your home that could accommodate a cat’s activity needs, look into getting multiple mounting units.

Pros & Cons

It’s important to take into account not only your cat’s needs but also your own when choosing a window perch. Some of you might want a way to provide your kitty with exercise or keep her entertained and active, while others simply want to provide an alternate view for her. For example, if you work from home or spend a lot of time at home during working hours, it might be worth looking into ways to ensure your cat isn’t bored. Alternately, those who are simply looking for ways to provide their pet with fresh air may not need anything more than that—fresh air!


There are lots of different ways to get your kitty off of your furniture and onto something more appropriate. Many people go with cat trees because they can provide adequate room for several cats at once. Others choose window perches, which keep cats close but out of sight. Still, others go with ground-level cat houses that allow your feline friend full access to your home without compromising safety. No matter what you choose, make sure it meets your cat’s needs so she doesn’t hop down after five minutes and start messing up all of your decorating efforts. Here are some things to consider when you buy a cat window perch or any other type of feline furniture. For more visit here www.bestaffordableproducts.com

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