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Common Places Within A Home Where Ants Live

Are you currently seeing ants in your kitchen or on your dining table, more than you used to? Then the chances are they have settled in your house for good but are hiding from you around the corners of your house.

So, what you should you do now?

Well, if you live in the South side of Brisbane, you can always look up “White ants treatment South side” online to find a professional to take them out. But then what?

Knowing about ant and where they can hide in your home can actually help you from preventing them to infest within your home. Lucky for you, we are well aware of these places.

Here Are The Common Hiding Places Of Ants:

Place #2: Inside Your Walls

Numerous pests love to settle their colonies within walls, giving them shelter and protection from outer dangers. In any case, they likewise annihilate your wooden walls, particularly whenever left for a really long time! Carpenter ant bite on the wood, releasing wood shavings, and drill little holes, which can end up looking really bad. Search for “White ants inspection near me” today if you see such signs.

Place #1: Windows and Doors

Ants because of their tiny bodies can fit themselves in the littlest of cracks or holes. Carpenter ants, especially love to tunnel themselves in decayed doors and window frames. Thus, assuming you notice heaps of sawdust close to these areas, you’ve likely got yourself a few ants in there!

Place #4: The Heater and Air-conditioner

Practically 37% of ant colonies are developing inside our home radiators and our air-conditioners! Isn’t so shocking? Take a look, inspect your units to check whether any ants are coming in and out.

Place #3: Nests in Foam Insulators

A few houses have implicit foam protection. Inside these foams, ant frequently make homes for a whole colony! Whenever ants colonize inside the foam, it can annihilate its adequacy altogether. As this is more challenging to recognize, it would be more useful to call for pest control services to investigate this issue at the earliest stage!

Place #5: The Cabinets

We can track down cupboards in the bedroom, kitchen, washroom, and extra rooms in your home. Ants find these quiet and dark places wonderful to live in because these hidden spaces in or behind cupboards are undoubtedly near food or water! Therefore, get in there and do some checking before you need to call the ants pest control for an infestation.

Place #6: The Garden or the Yard

In pretty much every garden or yard, ant colonies develop. They view these spots in your home as where they can reside and breed. In any case, it’s important not to allow the infestation to grow and increase uncontrollably. Indications of an ant infestation in your backyard or garden are little anthills, earthy colored spots in the yard, heaps of fine soil among breaks, etc.

The first thing you ought to do when finding ants in these places is to contact a professional. Search “ants pest control brisbane/your location” online today for finding the nearest agency. Or if you have already treated your home for ants, keep checking these places for ants. Even though the pest control expert might have already blocked all the possible entryways of these little critters, you should do your part to protect your home completely.


What fends ant off?

Strong aromas like eucalyptus, vinegar, and peppermint assist with keeping ants under control. You can blend scented oils in with a touch of water and splash it around your home for the most extreme outcomes.

Can ant control near me get rid of ants?

Yes. An expert can get rid of ants through thorough investigation and then execution.

How to dispose of ants in the kitchen?

You can utilize a 50/50 arrangement of either dish soap and water or vinegar and water and use it to wipe down your kitchen counter; you can likewise spray it into the cupboards and other potential ant areas of interest.

What draws in ant in the house?

Solid, pleasant scents and crumbs of food on the floors draw in ant to your home.

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